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This is really very sad all the Coin are going down


A bear market is a cleaning process. It cleans out all the greed. All those ICO people who are still holding onto ETH will be punished hard at $54 levels and they are ones who will be hard selling into this last phase.

there is downtrend in the 1 hour chart which started from $0.3151 to $0.2906 and no significant to uptrend in the vicinity. The coin marked resistance at $ 0.3028 and support at $ 0.2926.


Very little support below tos peak of also. That's dangerous.

Thank you for analysis video very sad to see all coins downtrend and all is red


A bear market is very healthy. It washes away all the greed and resets it for the next bull cycle.

Unfortunately we expected the price when reached the top after reaching the price of $ 3 but the wind comes as the ships do not crave



Xrp really is a scam

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News or events will arrive to justify the forecast.

Do you follow Ripple/XRP (xRapid integration) news ?
Obviously not.