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At the moment, stock is trading at $49.19 and moved -0.33%. Meanwhile, the stock investors and analysts deem this stock on the go as it shuffled with 0.39 million shares contrasting its Average Volume of 0.42 million shares. The trading company has the Market Cap of $2097.24. EPAY stock about -33.41% away from the 52-week high and closed 41.19% away from the 52-week low. The total dollar value of all 42.50 million outstanding shares is 2.1 billion. Price earnings ratio (P/E) ratio of Bottomline Technologies (de), Inc. (EPAY) is 493.00. EPAY has Forward P/E of 29.29.

i see bottomline is moving with Upswing trend. Going move backward a period of six month analysis we come to know that stock dipped -11.65% giving falling alert for Investors.

As shown in the chart in the attached pictures, there appears to be a rocket Fall to Y pint

I think, however, should be reconciled with the fact that you still have to wait because the increase is not too fast, I review thorough analyzes every day, but I do not see too many positives in them ... thank you for analysis and professional approach

look at the simple moving average comparison gave the analysts a clear-cut view.