After you know the 7 Hacks This Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation, you are guaranteed a cool!

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Hello steemians!
Hope you are all fine, keep healthy physical and spiritual zeal in carrying out its activities a day-day.
At this time I would like to inform the friends steemit about how Microsoft powerpoint presentation so that the hacks you easier.

If you are still using bullet points in the PPT presentation for you, it means you haven't really present. Without the need to use the help of other applications like prezi and his friends actually Microsoft Power Point kok alone is enough to make you a spectacular presentation, you know the tips and trick.

There are 7 things you can do to make your powerpoint nicer than usual and most haven't you try or not you take advantage of to the maximum. After this presentation you will be guaranteed all more superior than co-workers or friends in college.



  1. try to compare slides that same mainstream baseball! Unsightly which?

If the slide presentation you still like this shape means that you still like most people. Not only the General look, this kind of slide type is also very boring to look at. In order for your friends to listen to the presentation you are not bored, you should immediately change the style using the your presentation slide 6 tips below ya!

  1. The first key of the slide is interesting color, enrich your color choices you through Adobe Color

Before starting to make the slides you can choose first, what color will you use in your slide presentation. If you relied on the default color that's in power point, the numbers are very few. Try > click Select one color > > select edit box appears small "HEX" HeX Copy > 6-digit code in powerpoint in order to get the same color. Just select a color 3-4 will you use in the presentation.

3.Now it's time you choose a background via the background format > backgroud

There is some background that you can select:

  1. The Pale grey: the use of color is pale gray and do not use the text with a black color, just use a darker color just

  2. The Popping solid: select the color background that is somewhat old but bright and white colored text

  3. The grid: make a table of size 10 x 8 to meet the screen (you can use any size along the still 4 x 3 ratio).

  4. The pattern: not many people know that there are many background patterns that you can use in your PPT. discover it on the format background panel, do not select the color white as foreground color Yes!

  5. Play the thickness and size of the text in order to slide thee unsightly

Play imagination to determine the thickness and size of the text for the title and body text, not also to quote him. Try huru letters such as DIN, Helvetica, Gotham, and Avenir have the choice of bold, semibold and light. Feel free to combine bold and unusual.

  1. Please, don't use centering on, try to develop more placement teksmu

Place the title a little more to the left and the subtitle or the quote at the bottom. Starting to the left of the text above also or even from the bottom right, and please don't give any image on the right because it is very mainstream. If there are any words you want to emphasize, simply provide the highlights with bright colors. Well, for the numbers, try to cover 70% of the slide presentasimu with numbers, this is very cool!

  1. How to put the pictures should also note, don't just copy and paste the origin

Add some form of existing flat-wake up in powerpoint, set its location so as not to intact and looks more elegant. Or cover the picture with a rectangle of black and make it transparent (Format picture > transparency slider). If there is a lot of text you should write, put text over a rectangle just wake up and if you want to use the logo, place a small size or made transparent.

  1. Since the presentation of the ye not maximum, please just paskibra may 6 lines only Yes!

Remember, the most important of a presentation is the principle one slide one idea. Do not let in one slide too much explanation as it contains some ideas at once and different from each other. Six line alone is enough to make slide-mu is full. Keep the shortest line and effectively as possible.

Good luck with all the tips and trick ya makin you powerpoint, guaranteed Rober and pull all listen to the presentation with you. The results of the task or are you doing can also be the more valued in the presence of others.
Thanks a..
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