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Since the first time I listened to a Tim Ferris podcast I discovered to have a weakness for self experiments.

What happens if I do/eat/don`t do/drink etc for x amount of time?

How do I feel?

How hard is it for me to keep up this habit?

Actually this was a bit in the back of my mind to to blog about this when I first started here.

In a way a self experiment is just a challenge, maybe a bit better documented.

Some I have done and finished successfully, others I had to abandon for various reasons.

I really enjoyed doing this as it kept me growing and expanding my horizon.

So I think I should just start doing them again.

I have a couple in mind but I am open to suggestions.

Waking up every day at 4:30

Meditating one hour everyday

cold showers / ice baths everyday

eating vegan everyday

creating no trash

doing sport everyday

how long does it take to create habit x

taking supplement x for x days

With everyday I have a week in mind for now.

Many of those things mentioned above I had or I would like to have as a habit again but also to test out if it is worth it.

The upsides and downsided and the pitfalls when trying to get there.

Is there any one you would be interested in or you especially like from my list?

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I'd strongly suggest u to google Tim Ferris's morning routine.. I'm doing it last couple of weeks and it literally changed the way my whole day includes morning 2-minute journal, couple of minutes long workout, short meditation etc...takes up to 15 minutes and is absolutely awesome...and yeah.. cold showers are great but it's getting cold in Europe hah..I can do them just in the summer..

Also, 4:30 sounds a bit too early for me...I'm testing 5:30 lately and it gives me enough time in the morning and I don't have to go to bed early as if a was a baby :D

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I listened to it on his podcast at one point.

I liked doing his bed probably the most with his reasoning.

Yeah 4:30 might be a bit early for me as well but something like 5/5;30 can be done

I followed the morning routine of the book "the miracle morning" for a while which is very similar

Should start it again

Haha I skipped the making the bed part as I thought I'd find it too gay and wouldn't give it any deeper look haha :D

hmm so there's the whole book on this topic u say..

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Hahaha I can understand this but starting your day with a small win is a good thing. But to be fair if you follow the other task it is a big win already

yeah. it is a bit american I would say ( so very over the top of your results) but still a good read. I liked it.

Fuck it was a typo..I do my bed...I wanted to write that I skipped writing about the bed cuz I thought You will find it too gay..wanted to write U and it corrected itself into I...and changed the whole meaning :D cool im off to uni, have a nice day

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sounds good, will give it a try.

Cool, followed you and will wait for an update post haha :D

I´ll try to write one. I always need to be in the right mood to start something new like this. But had a look yesterday and all the things he does in the morning make sense.

from your list...

  • waking up at 4.30 as getting up that early seems to be the insider among the rich and successful people
  • as well as meditating...

I think the hardest challenge is to refrain from sugar

Yeah sugar is probably the hardest one.

There are probably a lot of things were I still dont know there is sugar inside

Beer? 😳

Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

Good luck Flipstar. Thailand seems to be a great place to do these experiments.

I think the most difficult one is probably Waking up every day at 4:30

Yeah Thailand is great for something like this for sure

20 Steem Monsters fights every day.

I actually should do my first at some point soon

Yeah! :)

Oh man Flipstar, be careful, and don't to hurt yourself! I remember last year you were doing a series on some sort of super training regimine, including ice baths and all sorts of stuff I was impress.

I've got an experiment of my own I'm working on....well, actually it's more like a steemit community travel writing project. I hope you don't mind if I run it by you.

It's basically going to be a travel pro report library for steemit and hopefully the online world at large with any success; a resource of information for destinations around the world. I'm collaborating with other travelers (travel pros) on steemit encouraging them to write reports with a specific format to keep the quality and style in sync. The reports/library can be found at @travel-report.

I just wrote the first one to get things kicked off. It's on Chiang Mai Thailand, one of my favorite destinations in the world for many reasons.

Any support you can lend is greatly appreciated and it will encourage others to write reports too really giving some lift to this project.

Thank you for all your help, past, present, and future!
From Odessa Ukraine -Dan

Yeah last year I was oushing mysel way more then this one. Need to get on it again.

I will check it out!

Yes, apparently you were. Thank you brother. I hope you like the report project Idea. Looking forward to some other travelers writing them as well.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Thanks for the good suggestion and it is beneficial.