Come Shoot with XtrodinaryPilot at the #STEEMITGUNCLUB (kid's edition)

in #guns7 years ago

Today we will be shooting my Ruger 10/22 .22lr carbine rifle and your instructor will be @XtrodinaryPilot Welcome back to #STEEMITGUNCLUB we won't shoot until you have a SAFETY brief (DO NOT ENTER until you have read the safety brief) 

We used some free time as an opportunity to bond over the smell of gun powder and build trust. Because we were shooting rifles, I chose to shoot at Carter's Country which is an outdoor range and is very kid friendly. One of the nostalgic features that I like about Carter's Country is the military style range. There is a Range Officer and he runs the show with his p/a system while walking the shooting line calling out safety infractions.

Gear Up

Know your Gun

My Ruger 10/22 Carbine is a model 1151 rifle. It is completely stock directly from the manufacturer. It has a satin black finish, weighs about 5 pounds, and is made of steel alloy. As the name states. it shoots .22lr ammunition and comes with a patented 10 round rotary magazine. Rear sight is adjustable but will probably be replaced with a Swarovski varmint scope.

Let's Shoot

Take Away

If ever you feel the desire to introduce your children to firearms, you must always cover safety first. As the parent, only you can judge if your child is truly ready. After getting all of the concerns out of the way, you quickly realize that it is a bonding experience. Your child shows you how much they trust you and look up to you. You are always welcomed to join us at the #STEEMITGUNCLUB

Guns can be viewed as taboo especially when kids are involved. My kids have an obsession with firearms without any influence from me. What I have done is take control of their exposure and experience. What a tragedy it would be if my kids got ahold of a firearm without any education whatsoever.


 If so, please Upvote and Follow @xtrodinarypilot our life is an adventure

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Black Uncle Sam Credit

Ruger 10/22 is a excellent choice to teach kids how to use a firearm. I bet I put 5,000 rounds through my 10/22 before I turned 18.

Yeah I had an old rusted .22 rifle that my grandfather gave me absolutely loved it.

nice.. wish I could have made it out.. as you can see..
Batter Up - Loosening Up at Tee-ball Practice
Was worth the wait.. count me in next time

It's cool @MrWang We'll do something even more extraordinary than just shooting soon MMWWWHHAAAAAAAHahahahahahaha

As someone who strives to teach firearms safety and trains all the time, I'm glad you've taken the time to teach your child/children. The first step to avoiding a tragedy is education.

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