UNDY's "Hand Cannon" series, 10mm Ammunition Part Two

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Part One listed above, I cover the stuff I had on hand at the time, and with limited shooting exposure. Lots of the shooting was done at a range about 20 miles away, and some at home. The new data includes shooting at the new local indoor range, and shooting with 3 different weapons. The original article was all based on shooting a G20C but with 2 different barrels. The original "compensated" 4.6" barrel and a Lone Wolf 6.6" barrel. The 6.6 actually was easier to handle than the 4.6 comp barrel, less muzzle rise and an easier to manage recoil impulse (more evenly dispersed). The new lineup includes:

1. G21, LWD long slide, Seattle Slug Plug, same 6.6" barrel
2. Sig Sauer P220 "LEGION" handgun
3. Kriss-Vector 10mm "pistol", 6.5" barrel, with removable Silencerco "can" (suppressor)

The only new ammunition are 2 items, and some listed in the prior article:

  1. ARMSCOR 180gr FMJ

First, the Armscor… This is the "range ammo" which is about as cheap as it gets, but still of a reasonable quality to be sold for range fodder. Nothing to write home about, and I am also finding conflicting ballistics. Here is the current tepid specs, direct from Armscor:

Grain Weight
Bullet Type
Muzzle Velocity
1,008 fps (1150fps old spec)
Muzzle Energy
406 ft/lbs
Velocity at 100yds
917 fps

This is like vanilla 40 S&W ballistics, and I am thinking it's where the Self Defense ammo performs best. Hollow Points have a fairly narrow range where they work best, too slow and they will not open up. Too fast, the bullets "FRAG" or come apart in the "target", or fail to penetrate deeply enough, or both. Most manufacturers want to market an exact ballistic duplicate of their hollow points, so they can offer a cheaper "practice round". They seem to have reduced the overall ballistics for some reason, I'm not sure which velocity we had but I will not be buying ARMSCOR. Might as well be shooting the "40 Slow and Weak" as it's been called 😂🤣🤣

Which brings me to the Freedom Munitions.

Bullet Profile:
Round Nose Flat Point (RNFP)
Bullet Weight:
180 Gr
Casing Type:
Velocity AVG:
1120 FPS
General Purpose (target)

The real attraction here is the PRICE and CONSISTENCY. These were perhaps the most "precise" 10mm rounds of all that we tested, and they were also the least expensive. FREEDOM's Remanufactured 10mm comes in at just under 30 cents per round, (29.6) and the New rounds are 33 cents each. Plus, the "precision" or repeatability on this ammo was very good. Many dedicated target competition shooters use a lighter powder charge because it is easier to get it exact and repeatable than a hot load. Also saves them money on powder. But this far exceeds most factory ammo in any brand, even the higher cost ammunitions we tested in the first article. My son used this to sight in the Kriss-Vector and said it was excellent. Even better than the Sig Elite on this trip! Mind you, the Sig Elite is a lot more power, and does quite well. But the Sig ammo is also about $10+ PER BOX more than the Freedom. I think we have found our new favorite "plinking ammo" for the 10mm and will be checking out the Freedom Munitions for their other offerings!

10mm-180gr-RNFP-FREEDOM .jpg
img credit:

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Wow! I used to do some match shooting at a range that Post 35 had out in the woods. Shotgun though, not sidearms. I have always been partial to the 1911 .45 cal myself, but really have not messed with weapons much since I left the services.

Thought I would stop by your blog and see what is going on. Hope you are having a great week!

Sgt. Dan, ALWAYS a PLEASURE to see you!
You know I am quite partial to the USMC and I'm pleased to tell you that I have a Mossberg 590 which is the official USMC shotgun! Something like this:

extended tube, better sights and mine has the "speed stock" which holds 4 more shells in spring-loaded tubes that are molded into the stock, one tube on each side. Pretty slick setup, IMO.

What have you been doing lately old friend? 😎

Weaponry in the Corps has changed a bit since I left active duty 27 years ago.

It would be great to go shooting with you Sarge 👍😎

Here's a better pic of what I have in the Mossberg 590 A1:
Mossberg USMC  590 A1.png
I am also a BIG Fan of the 1911, and of course 45 ACP 😎
Even though I have one in 9mm, and am considering one
in the mighty 10mm as well! Kimber makes a very nice
10mm 1911 for under a grand... 🤔😉



That looks like a glock Sadie!
Good GIF, and you are a Bangin' young BABE yourself

Wow, it's crazy to see how in some part of our world munitions and arms are permitted and alowed. In Switzerland you cannot have them apart if you are in the army.

I saw an article once about a "pull down" of the Swiss 7.5 x 55 rifle ammunition...


May I call you Swiss Miss? 😂
Glad to have your comments, WELCOME TO STEEM!


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