Having too much fun with the Glock 19 and a 31 rd mag. and comparing Glock to Springfield Polymer Pistols.

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I got together with a couple buddies and some of our guns for some recreational shooting/target practice over the weekend.
A friend of mine got a gen 4 Glock 19 a couple months ago and I've been really impressed with it's reliability, so much so I'm considering trading my XDM .45 or selling it and replacing it with a Glock 21.
It's always a fun day shooting with friends but it's turning it up a notch when you tilt your hat to the side, put a full 31 in a Glock and let 'em loose (making sure to turn it sideways and fire a couple off "gangsta style").
I was shooting at water jugs (which aren't pictured unfortunately) and I probably hit with only 1 out of 3 or 4 in that volley but I was just havin' fun with it.
The Glock has really nice sights and a good hand-feel and the ejection pattern is perfect.
It took me a while to get around to appreciating the Glock but I now think it's reliability beats the couple extra features my XDM has, I'm still dealing with uneven shell ejection and have had 3 or 4 malfunctions out of every 1000 rounds where a spent shell doesn't get out all the way and jams up the gun and magazine.
This doesnt seem to be related to my grip, no matter how hard I white knuckle it, it still ejects all over the place, straight up, straight back, every which way, I've been to the springfield forums and taken the gun all the way apart trying to see if the extractor had some kind of problem but it's like it's just cycling too fast, I might try a stiffer spring to see if slowing down the cycling helps.
I'm almost ready to send it to springfield or find a gunsmith for a 2nd opinion. I usually practice with 230 grain ball ammo, usually cci stingers.
Anyway, I hope everybody had a fun and safe labor day weekend!

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thanks for checking out my post!
-@raddog out.

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I have a springfield mod2 9mm and it works flawlessly... I too am looking to get a Glock 17 or a springfield xdm .45 like yours. to be honest, your's is the first of the XDm .45's that i've heard of any issues from... have you tried a lower grain projectile? sometimes going to a slightly lighter projectile can help with FTE's.... I will say that the XD's do spit casings all over the place, especially when firing rapid succession. i suspect some of it is due to the recoil/aim when rapidly firing, but i still find a casing that will occasionally fly up and back rather than to the side and back...


funny you should post this now, but I just ordered this
I plan on doing a review and probably a before and after video.
I have heard others complain about uneven ejection,
Yes I have tried lighter rounds like 185gr critical duty and it works fine, just the 230 grain ball that gives me trouble, but that's what I shoot most often so I'd really like it to work.
i really do like the gun overall and if this ejector makes it work like the reviews I read are claiming, I will be very happy with it and not get a glock 21.
I've hit people standing like 10 feet behind me with hot casings and they don't think it's funny, lol. I also had one bounce and land right on top of my shades and burn my eyebrow before I realized it was there.


awww snap... thanks for the link... added it to my folder of parts webs. yeah, definitely do a review of it after you've put a few hundred rounds through it. if it helps with where the casings drop i'll be on it...


hey misterd21, I put in that extractor and it really did help! I only put 39 rounds through it so far but they are all ejecting the same now, 3 oclock at about a 45 degree angle upward. It was easy to install as well.

my bad, it's a glock 17