AR15 Belt Fed 9mm Tigershark Billet aluminum receiver

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This post is for @raddog he won the 10 ounce Britannia in the Monster Raffle 4 and I did not know that he is a fellow firearm enthusiast. @ssglife @thealliance

I told him I would post about this AR15 I painted and built because it is a rather unique one.




I used a Spike's Tactical Billet Tigershark lower on it and hand painted the face after the cerakote was put on.

The upper can be removed and a different caliber can be put on.

It has a six position adjustable stock with anodized red aluminum highlights. There is 1000, 9mm rounds linked in the bag.



I hand painted the "Spike's Tactical" and the "Safe/Fire" with a toothpick.


and the eyes with a teenty tiny brush.


Top cover





The first Cerakote wasn't so good so it was redone in a darker shade.

Let me know what you think.



Paint looks great!

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Awesome @thesilverdoll i tried hard to make it look good. Thank you!!! ♡♡♡♡☆☆☆

Very cool!! Nice paint job! Thanks for sharing!!

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thank you!! I think it turned out nicely. It was my first hand painted receiver.

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That is SO SICK! It's actually little metal links and the way the belt fits in that bag is awesome, It's way cooler than I even thought and the shark lower is awesome! Thanks for sharing that! The forend looks sweet too I'm guessing it's got a heat shield in there for shooting 1000 rounds at a pop?! What length barrel does it have?

18 inch barrel. Yeah if you shot them without stopping it would cherry the barrel up good. It is extra heavy the barrel. I have seen videos where the handguard will actually melt into goo when the barrel gets too hot

NICE. I have a Argentine Mauser I rechambered to .270 I need to finish. Made the stock too. It has a strait bolt, I need to chop and weld back on at ~45 degrees. Need to machine a heatsink for the bolt before I can do that. Thanks for sharing my BBQ post!

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In college I purchase a German 7mm Mauser. I sold my silver collection to buy the gun. I regret ever getting rid of it.

Pretty badass, no lie. Live the decals!

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Thank you much!! How are you doing? I have been and still, am sick but should be back in a day or two.

Pretty good. Getting ready for some boom booms and grilling out. Being sick in summer is no picnic. Glad you on the mend 😎

Oh wow uncle! You rock in that!!

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Thanks so much my niece!!