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We must first ask the question why is this a right ? Why is it our 2nd amendment? The fundamental answer is for our nations "people" (common folk) to NEVER EVER be subject to a tyrannical government. That was the framers reason for us to have them. See because this country was a new and different creation. And, one created with all intentions to NEVER allow the government more power than they needed to run the nation. And to NEVER be "able" to out power the people. See, in the time of our formation the truth is the people's weapons were on par with military. The truth is the framers would have NO PROBLEM with "we the people" having high powered fire arms. Because, the 2nd Amendment was designed and intended to combat the government IF,... they ever crossed the line as governments have historically been known to do.

See the government is supposed to be subject to the people, not the other way around. If we are defenseless or, if we can not keep up an aggressive enough counter then the populous will eventually become the "subject" and will loose any rights the ones "with" firepower do not wish them to have.

Now the problem comes in with current times and,.. people (especially as of late) going ape shit violent. It truly is disturbing but, what people must understand the "weapons" are NOT the problem no more than spoons make people fat. Take away that spoon and they will use a fork. If you don't believe me just ask the UK, knife attacks, acid attacks. Or ask France. Mass executions with rented trucks. WTF? People, I'm near 50 and have enough to recall a stark difference from just decades ago. And the difference is NOT the guns. We had plenty of access to firearms in the 60-70's and we did NOT have this crap happening. So, why are they? It's something in people. It's mental emotional partly. Our new generations have become pathetic sissies basically. Whining, screaming spitting biting name calling tantrum throwers basically.

When another person's feelings about you hurts your feelings soo much that you think they are bad just because they don't necessarily align with yours. That usually means you are not mature. Or If you think their belief is different and bad and so, I MUST CORRECT THEM!!

It's called life and sometimes it sucks and sometimes people do shitty things (like this recent jackass) The answer is NOT to throw those mean ole guns on a fire and huddle in a corner. hoping that it won't happen again.( IT WILL just with a different tool.)

That's an emotional reaction based out of fear. Deep down people that say that the 2nd amendment is no good out dated etc... know that is not true because, when a bad guy with a gun comes around, the first thing people do is pray for a GOOD GUY with a GUN to come help them out!! It's not the gun that's bad it's people. It's not even most people but a very small percentage. We here in the south have guns in almost every house but, we don't go shooting up each other.

No, we NEED to figure out why we are seeing it happen more often and combat that. Why are we different now? What do we think or believe that sponsors this? It not Conservatives/Libertarians with guns because we've been here all along with our guns and it aint us doing this stuff! This guy in Vegas is now being reported as having left leaning ties to ISIS and supposedly ANTIFA as well. Which is NO shock because that IS their norm. Have we become soo compassionate to people that we tried to hug and domesticate monsters and got soo close that we have started to become them (Stockholm syndrome)? If so, then we need to change our viewpoints about life just a bit.

My grandmother on my dad's side used to say " Don't back up. It usually just gets you in trouble- just move forward in life" And usually that's true (usually) However,... occasionally we are forced to look back and double check.

If we do that now, we (that are old enough) can see decades back when people were more mentally/emotionally happier and healthier mentally / emotionally that is. That's when we have to begin our application of my mom's mother's advice. Which was "Always correct your mistakes". The correction is a correction of the internal not the external. What made the past generations soo much less aggressive towards each other despite the fact that we still had firearms a-plenty. And, what made people more likely to say fuck you, "who cares!" to someone that said something offensive even racist. I remember my brother had a shirt that on the outside said "Joke'em" and then when he turned up the bottom exposing the inside now turned out, it finished with, "If they can't take a fuck" and I remember when Eddy Murphy came out with his stand up "Delirious". Im sure plenty of people now would be triggered. But back then we all just laughed till we cried. I did anyway. Now comedians are just pathetic wastes of time because most have become OBSESSED with hating Trump. So what!! Get over it!! We did when Obama was POTUS. It's called life. It aint normal or perfect it's just life! - GET ON WITH IT! Yaknow?

My good friend who now lives in the U.K. her birthplace; used to live here in the states. I, am white she, is Black was married to a Mexican and they adopted a white girl. Her nephew lived there also who was married to a German woman (It was a very large home!) I lived with them for a time and her advise was just don't get upset at any name calling; you better have a thick skin cause we say it all here in regards to each other's color. And, I was OK because Im OK with me. I'm secure with myself. So, in short I think our answer is to back up and grow up!!

Because Not one of you out there has one ounce more right to tell another free American they don't have a right -2nd Amendment-to bear arms!!! A right that in fact they DO have, to protect themselves and their families from assholes like this guy in Vegas. That crap will NEVER stop. The trick is minimizing why it happens (socially/culturally) what sponsors the attitude? If you want the answer that I see; It is Liberalism (run amuck) has leaned waaay far left and become unstable emotionally. When Milo; a gay white man engaged to a black man is unwelcome at Berkeley then shit has gone off course! And its everywhere. Comedians OBSESSED with hating Trump.

So what! He won, get over it. We to the right put up wit Obama without freaking out. It's called growing up. Trump is not a racist nor the the devil etc... He is on video at least 17 years back railing away on David Dukes as being KKK trash. But people don't do their own homework anymore apparently like we used to do. They just hang out on Fascist-book echo chambers with every other voice in agreement. That's NOT homework. and it's not theirs. It's just reheated vomit over and over.

Do yall realize once upon a time we used to have to remember ALL our friends and jobs and family phone numbers? My point is this newer generation has become weak (unstable?) mentally and emotionally. And I believe the answer is clearly on the inside of our self development.

And, Lighten up a bit people, let someone call you a bad name or whatever, words are just words. The ONLY way they can hurt you is if YOU sign off on it! In short, it's time to mature and lighten up a bit.

Allow everyone to be as perfect or as screwed up as they are because if you are honest with yourself you MUST admit you are also screwed up too(!) and if you stop worrying about your neighbors screw-ups you might be able to get yours handled...!!!

"Everyone thinks of changing the world but, no one thinks of changing himself"

Leo Tolstoy

I am GROOT - Have a blessed day, have another one tomorrow.

k, I'm done now...

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You touched on a whole of interesting subjects in this post, I will try and address a few of them.

I 100% agree with your point of how much of babies society has become. Safe spaces, no winners, micro aggressions, etc, just pathetic. But when we start dropping labels like the far left or far right, liberals versus conservatives, I think this is where we run into the team mentality of either you're on our team or you're against us. A lot of my personal views would align with liberals, such as gay marriage, drugs and abortion. Conversely I also have many views that align with conservative opinions such as a free market capitalism and lower taxes. On top of that I also have some views that would be considered radical (I won't get into them though). My point is these labels create a lot of problems in and of themselves. If we can just identify as people with opinions that would be a much better starting point for discussion.

With regards to the second amendment. When it was signed into the constitution it was necessary and served a purpose. In the modern 21st century I don't think it is still relevant, people like to hold onto this fact that citizens have a right to bear arms and protect themselves from an oppressive government but I don't think this applies like it did 200+ years ago.

Whether it's Trump, Obama or Bush, I think the 2 party system is also very outdated and cause for concern. When a person has to stick within this rigid 2 party system I don't think it allows people to express their true opinions. If I were an american voting in the last election, I don't think I would have voted for either party because I don't think either of the candidates is deserving of being the president.

People not accepting our individual differences causes a lot of problems, which escalate and get out of control awful fast. In the era of social media when someone rubs us the wrong way it is easy for us to ind counsel online and group thought is a very dangerous thing.

There are always going to be sick and deranged individuals in every society, but if we can limit their access to high powered weapons, then there is a chance that we can spare innocent lives