"Your Future Past Is A Bright Present" - Original Guitar Medley

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Here is a piece of guitar that I composed not long ago, which honors the feelings I experience when I feel a certain nostalgia in thinking of the past. But where does this nostalgia come from? I think it comes when the present is not up to the promises of the past.

So from now on, the only promise I have is for the present, that of being in full awareness, of feeling the vital energy in me, without judgment, serenely happy, peacefully in joy.

And above all, do not remain stuck in my mind, my thoughts, because the thought of a man, if it is too intense and sustained, is above all his nostalgia.

Not always easy in practice ...

Because you can never turn a page of your life without a certain nostalgia. But we must be able to ignore this emotion if we want to be able to move on to the next note, which will create the symphony of life.

The first part of the piece is largely inspired by Thommy Emmanuel - "Never Too Late".

A little quote from Eckhart Tolle: “You cannot be both unhappy and fully present in the Now”


Voici un morceau de guitare que j'ai composé il y a peu de temps, qui rend honneur aux sentiments que j'éprouve lorsque je ressens une certaine nostalgie en pensant au passé. Mais d'où vient cette nostalgie ? Je pense qu'elle vient quand le présent n'est pas à la hauteur des promesses du passé.

Donc désormais, la seule promesse que je me fais est pour le présent, celle d'être en pleine conscience, de ressentir l'énergie vitale en moi, sans jugement, sereinement heureux, paisiblement joyeux.

Et surtout, ne pas rester bloqué dans mon mental, mes pensées, car la pensée d'un homme, si elle est trop intense et soutenue, est avant tout sa nostalgie.

Pas toujours facile dans la pratique...

Car on ne peut jamais tourner une page de sa vie sans que s'y accroche une certaine nostalgie. Mais il faut pouvoir faire abstraction de cette émotion si l'on veut pouvoir passer à la note suivante, qui créera la symphonie de la vie.

La première partie du morceau est grandement inspiré de Thommy Emmanuel - "Never Too Late".

Un petite citation d'Eckhart Tolle: "Vous ne pouvez pas être à la fois malheureux et pleinement dans le moment présent"


The music is very soothing and very present... I like the rhythmic tapping and the soft taps at the end before waving your hand to add vibrato and then silencing the strings. Its the little touches that make your work special. The writing is as beautiful as the song. I hope you are doing well.

I really appreciate your words dear Otage! It warms my heart. Thank you.

you can never turn a page of your life without a certain nostalgia.

Very true, glad to see you making music again. It is very beautiful.

Hey thank you my buddy!

Very Cool. Time to do the same with my guitar....

Beautiful piece my friend. Glad you are doing better or so you seem. Thank you for the early morning music with my cup o' joe. Yes, the now puzzles me as well as emotions and thought drag me away from it constantly. Love me some Mr. Emmanuel what a legend he is! "The next note" is right around the corner...................

Thank you my friend, it's a really touching comment. :-)

Thank you. Always enjoy what you do. Love to watch a person play. The guitar is one of the few things I've found in life that takes me out of thought and puts me in the now. I can't imagine not playing one at least for a few moments everyday. Thanks again my friend.

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