Iota Wallet Guide - Fast and easy

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Step 1: Download the latest wallet release, version 2.3.1

Step 2: Create a 81 character seed for your wallet. The seed is your private key. Save it accordingly and do not share with anyone. The seed can be made up. Do not generate the seed using a third party website as you never know where your key might end up.


Step 3: Select either a light or full node. For regular use i would recommend the light node as it faster and easier to set up.

Step 4: After selecting "lightnode" you need to find a host. Google the web or post in the iota slack chat for a working host (link) that you can paste in. If you can find one send me a DM and i will assist you.

Step 5: You are good to go


Post questions in the comments below. I will send out 1 iota to everyone that wants to test their new wallet. Stay tuned for our next IOta giveaway next Wednesday.


Hi steemhoops99, thanks for posting this here. I've been trying to set up and IOTA wallet for some time now. I would love to test it out. Should I just reply with my public key?

Hi Jason, you can follow the steps in the guide. Just download the .exe file. I have attached a link. After you wallet is set just generate a new adress by attaching to the tangle. You can copy and paste the new address here. We can then test out your wallet:)

All setup! The wallet looks great btw. Here's my address:

I got you after dinner. Let's test it;)


Did I just put the wrong one, or is it supposed to change?

i sent it to the first address:) its supposed to change. You only want to use each freshly generated address once. This is due to security reasons. People can still send you funds to the old address though. Did my transaction show up in your balance? It shows approved here)

No it didn't show up, that's why I was wondering. Could it be because I download the light wallet?

Look in your history...if it shows up click on the bundle and re-attack to tangle. That works if it didnt go through the first time. Revertheless its showing me that what i sent got confirmed(

Nvm just generate 2 new adresses. All you have to do is wait for them to attach then redo the process


Hey I downloaded the IOTA wallet when it was first listed on Bitfinex :-D I think this coin has MANY good uses and will become a reliable money transfer tool one day because of the lack of fees

Fully agree with you hotsauce the sky is the limit. It will be interesting to see how companies will implement it into their devices.

There needs to be an iPhone version for this to assessable to more people. Many don't have desktops.

So far there is an android mobil version. Not sure why the iOS is not out yet but it might be due to the high amount of bandwidth necessary to approve transactions.

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hows its work?

IOTA uses a "Tangle" network and was inspired by the blockchain even though it doesn't use one.