Guide to using the Steem Market

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Here is a simple guide to trading your SBD to Steem or vice versa.

New Users to Steemit may be a bit overwhelmed by the internal Market, as I was at first, but it really is quite simple to master.

Firstly, go to your Wallet, then click on either your Steem or SBD total.


Click on "Market" and that will take you to the trading page.


I have 60 SBD available to trade for Steem, or I could sell up to 67 Steem for SBD.


In this case, I want to trade 30 SBD for Steem, as the price of SBD is high atm. Enter 30 in the SBD area and click on the "BUY STEEM" button.


I could change the price and ask for a lower/higher price for Steem, but I will leave it up to the market.

I hope this simple guide will help you in making your first trade, please resteem for other newer members to Steemit.

God Bless

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Thank you for this easy guide!

Thanks for making this write-up, I know it will help a lot of people. Going through the Market seems to be the best way.

Nice I will keep this in mind when I power up.

Thanks for the explanation, I like to keep the SBD

This is very informative & healpful post to steemian. Thanks for sharing.

I appreciate this post of yours. So does this change or take the place of "powering up" or "powering down"? Seems like I powered up some and it was a three day waiting period.

In your case, you could trade your sbd for steem, as the price is really good, using the market option is almost instant, no 3 day waiting period.
Powering up all your steem is instant as well, but takes 13 weeks to completely Power down.

Thanks for the explanation, I will investigate further now.

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