Unforgettable Experience - I didn't Kill My Sister

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It was only a few days to her birthday

She was young, beautiful, intelligent, cheerful, playful with the grateful vibes.

It was past 2 pm and since I was at home, I was saddled with the responsibility of bringing her back from school.


I picked up my phone which I had just gotten from my dad as a gift for making A’s in my just concluded Examinations. I knew I had been warned not to go out with the phone but I just couldn’t resist the urge of having to show it off in the street.

Not everyone had a phone then and owning one meant you were a “Big Girl”. Lol, it was the cruise of the moment.

I got to the school just in time and picked her up almost immediately and we headed straight back home.

I plugged an earpiece to my ears, listening to my favorite hits as I held on tightly to her hands.

She soon saw her friends in front and pleaded with me to let her play with them.
Since she was just within eye sight and I actually wanted a breather so I could say a HI to the guy just beside me, I let her be.

Be careful Jessy

I said as she ran off……

It all happened like a flash in my eyes.

A minute ago, my sister was smiles, playing……. the next minute, she was on the floor, blood dripping down her school dress.

She had been hit by a drunk driver and had to be rushed to the hospital immediately.
Passersby rushed to our aid and she was taken to the hospital immediately and my parents called upon.

“How could you be so careless and selfish?”
“How could you this, How could you that?” were shouts and yells from my parents especially my Mom.

I felt she was gonna hit me, but she didn’t.
I knew I was at fault. I was to blame for this and even though I cried the loudest, no one seemed to pay any attention to me.

Why should they?

I left the hospital and ran to a nearby church to pray and most of all, to cry.
I knew it was only God I could talk to at that moment as I really needed to talk to someone.

I cried until I could find no more tears to shed.
“Forgive me Lord”, “Don’t let her die” were words I remember uttering as I cried my eyes out.
I soon slept off and when I opened my eyes, it was another day.

I was too weak to get up as I had exhausted my strength crying and there was nothing in my stomach.
I continued praying as I didn’t feel any urge to go home or to the hospital and I soon slept off again.

When I opened my eyes again, I knew it was time to leave.
I got up, and made my way to the hospital, praying silently as I walked gradually that my sister was alive.

On getting to the hospital, my Mom was the first to give me a hug happily. They had been worried sick about me, when they didn’t see me the whole of the previous day.

Thankfully, my sister was awake but was still being attended to.
The next day was her birthday and we particularly made a cake and brought it to the hospital to celebrate with her, since she still hadn’t been discharged.

That is one of the moments in my life that I am most grateful to God for.
I can’t imagine what would have happened if anything had happened to her….
I obviously would have lived with the guilt all my life and it wouldn’t even be easy at home.

I am grateful to God
I am grateful for life
I have the grateful vibes.

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Beautifully constructed

Really touching...thank God she was fine again, it wouldn't have been easy for if God had not intervene...glory be to Him alone


Yeah, it wouldn't have
Thanks a lot dear

Helo dear, am so happy that nothing happened to her, our God is really faithful.

Thanks for your entry


Thanks much

All the best dear.

wow wow wow... @julietisrael.. One day i will come and sit for you to tell me all thr stories you know ooo so that you wont stop amazing me....


I'm glad you liked it @jackdogho.

How are you doing?
Where were you yesterday?

Do read my last post to find out what's up.


yes baby... i read your post
sorry you lost 20sbd
as for me i lost my phone so m not on social media now except discord.... i really miss u ooo

wow wow wow... @julietisrael.. One day i will come and sit for you to tell me all thr stories you know ooo so that you wont stop amazing me....


This is really touching

So glad that your sister didn't sustain any permanent damage

I get the phone thing. We all experience it though our time.

These days, small boys in JSS 3 already have phone




But I guess it's even worse now...
Children of the now are spoilt 😎


I got my first phone in primary 5 so what are we talking about? 😂😂😂


@julietlsrael, coman see an example of the people we're talking about



Lol.. Thank God she didn't die

I admire the way you write, wish you success in this contest... Cheers!