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Hi hi

I bring you all great news 👌!

Personally am excited 😊☺😀

It's the second edition of GTG contest with @cherylsonty and @paradise-found, i hope someone is excited!

Image source

This edition is also special as it is a photo contest✋.

Do you have any photo that you are grateful to God for?

Get in on, and make us feel your vibes.

It musnt be your personal picture, it could be a family picture, a friend's pix, a place, an event etc, this are just examples, yours could be anything, just make sure that there is something worth giving thanks about the photo.


  • Follow

  • Upvote at 100%

  • Resteem

  • Entry shouldn't be more than 1000 words.

  • Make a post and comment with the link.

  • First tag should be gtgcontest, second tag, gratefulvibes

Remember let us feel the vibes in your write-up.



1st place: 3SBD

2nd place: 2.5SBD

3rd Place: 1.5SBD

And 5 honourable mentions with 1SBD Each.

The prize pool could be increased too, subject to donations received.

Judges: @paradise-found and @cherylsonty,much thanks to @paradise-found for making this a reality and for his generous support,am so grateful.

You can do well to support this contest by sending your donation to @cherylsonty and also leaving a comment below, it would be greatly appreciated and also help to accommodate more entries.

Thanks alot!

Remember to keep following Incase of any update!

Much love from US!

P.S: You can ask questions if any and you can use more than one photo, also note than you mustn't write up to 1000, from 250 is okay

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Entry confirmed

Nice.. Entry coming soonest


Am waiting

Nice one dear... Await my entry.


Still waiting!

Thanks so much for this opportunity. Would submit my entry soon.

Wow! Lovely contest. Please when is it ending?


Till payout

Another awesome #gratefulvibes contest by @cherylsonty!!
God bless you Cheryl!! Bear Hugs!! x0x0x


God bless you too daddy

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Entry confirmed


Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Wow sis another great contest from you :)
Congrats to this and cheers for more upcoming contests that you'll be hosting :)
God bless you always and papa bear too <3


Thanks alot sis, am grateful for your kind words!

Thanks for this wonderful contest ma'am.

Here's my entry....


Thank you @cherylsonty and of course @paradise-found for making such an amazing contest. I really liked the idea because we can be able to express our gratitude and feelings through this contest. Keep it up 😊. More power to you guys.

Here's my entry by the way.