The 1st CO-STEEMIAN STREAMIAN! The mysterious @bambam808 and the infamous @sirlunchthehost TEAM UP! 🎮Get.Set.GAME 🎮 STREAMING LIVE NOW! FORTNITE FTW! Killing the game! Come for the gameplay, stay for the laughs!

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This is gonna be a gameplay stream to remember!  Come by for the first ever CO STEEM STREAM! LIVE! Come by and kick it with myself the notorious Ginger Samurai ( @bambam808 ) and the one and only @sirlunchthehost .  We accept donuts, conversation, and dogecoin. 

 I have been practicing my FORTNITE strategy and gameplay.  Come join me as I chip away at the competition and reach for the #1 SURVIVOR spot! I hope everybody has a beautiful week! Come join me and lets chat!  I will be giving steemit knowledge, advice and answering any questions from you!I have heard about the whole "ASK ME ANYTHING" craze, so lets test it out!   


Make sure to check out the community (link below)  They continue to do amazing things for the community.  It is truly a place where you can bring your ideas, and grow a team to bring those ideas to fruition and success!


SMOKE.Network Discord:

Believe in the medicinal properties of marijuana? Come check join the discussion!

SMOKE.Network Discord:

Steemit is the Key... and Love is the driver!  


Awesome :) I use mixer sometimes and would love to group up with you. Especially when you finally get Overwatch. I need more team members.

Extremely jealous right now bambam! I played all night and got second twice and a whole bunch of top 5 finishes smh! Good luck!

hahah! You gotta jump on next time we can have a full team. Another steemian jumped in so we have 3 now! LIVE

I just sold my Xbox, but I have it on PS4 if you have one!!!! and ayeeee i'm tune in right after I finish responding to the comments on my recent post! Thanks for helping me out with the idea earlier, it's doing really well!

AWESOME! I am glad that you took it and ran with it man! Good stuff! Glad you popped in for some stream action! It was a fun time!

I thought you had that last game too 😫😫😫

I might have to buy another Xbox one to play with y’all haha it looked hell a fun! And thanks bro!!

I know that dude come through. Master gamer status haha! Yeah man that would be great fun! create an official GSG team. Me, you, lunch, and venom FTW!

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