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RE: 1,035,858 Facebook Users Discover Steem for $1,008.91!

in #growth-projects4 years ago

We are moving slowly ... last time I checked stemians are in 360,000 compare to FB of millions. But keep in mind this is the second year, best of this we are part of a moving community.

Be cool, we all go to the moon.
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Thank you


Yehaaa.. wait for me!!

Steemit ahime is not an application like facebook, they call it aocial network? But is it?! Notifications not working, no chat, no photo albums.. Steemit is a blogging platform.. The people over here are those who are moving from wordpress, blogspot and similar... mostly

You are correct...we have to start somewhere.

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Steemit's userbase will grow exponentially. Also, 1 viral article/post could be enough to start a snowball effect that could lead to millions of new users. :)