STEEM Developers - Learn And Earn. Become A Developer & Get Paid To Goto School

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Phase 1: Growth-Ideas

STEEM Developers (

@jphenderson, @rondonson, @steemitqa, @mckenziegary


STEEM Developers will be a community driven monetized education system for learning application development on the steemit platform. An online school system where not only the educators get paid, but also the students. On the STEEM Developers platform educators can earn payouts for the course material they provide, and students can also earn payouts and rewards on their course submissions, exams, and projects. Incentivized learning is the idea, getting paid to go to school. Also, students who learn to code will more than likely develop applications for Steemit thus continually growing this platform and the blockchain.

The Problem

Going to school is typically motivated by the prospective of learning a skill, the hope of starting a career and finally maybe making good money. Everyday people pay thousands of dollars in tuitions and fees for college, online school and courses and a lot of the time they end up not recouping their investment. It is not a mystery why there has been an on going 5 year decline in college enrollment in the United States, it is student debt. Getting a quality education can be expensive and time consuming and going to university or paying for an online course holds no guarantee's of gaining employment. These days for some people it seems as if going to college or paying for an online course is a just waste of time and money. The motivation level directed towards education is slowly going down because people would rather earn money, so let's give them a reason to learn by paying them to goto school.

The Solution : "Learn & Earn"

We pose a different model with STEEM Developers by actually paying the students to attend their courses. This will give students a HUGE amount of incentive to attend classes, while still providing them with a high quality education. Furthermore the educators who want to teach and earn from what they've learned will be able to do so. It is really a win win situation and connecting educators and students will begin to build a community driven monetized education system that everyone will be able to earn from.

Proof it Works

In Denmark the government has designed a model that is similar and it's working. They pay their students the equivalent of $900usd (5,839 Danish krones) to attend college as long as they don't live with their parents. The students spend their earnings wisely too, because they understand the importance of education. Removing the financial burdens of student debt gives people a chance to truly focus on their careers and growing the economy. Check out this article


We are working on the front-end for our platform and we already have our own system for how rewards will work. And we are hoping to the gain the support from the community on this project because it is something that not only will help people, but it will also help to exponentially grow the user and development base on the steemit platform.

Support Us

If you support this initiative please give us an upvote, a resteem or a donation. 100% of the earnings on these posts and donations will be going to towards development and helping fund the future educator and student reward pool. We will be bringing this platform to steemit.

Join Us

We need more educators, so if you are interested in this project and want to become an educator please email to [email protected] with your steemit name and skill set.


Wow good idea, if that works out it will be very good for steem as well. 100% upvote!

Amazing.. this really looks great initiative...I want to be a student, what are the minimum skills required to join this?

Once we launch all you will need is a computer, your brain, and dedication :)

How about setting up a witness? Is it very expensive? Does it require sophisticated hardware? Must the PC stay on 24/7?

@steemgigs someone wanting to set up a witness would need a remote server ($60-$80 a month). It's not too expensive but it does require some technical knowledge.

Awesome. I wish you the best of luck.

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How convenient! Learn and earn, I like that.
I had already applied to an IT school but said no because that would leave me in a horrible situation with my economics and I'm not entirely sure about my future, but maybe studying from home and getting rewards from doing fine would be a solution?

This is exactly the reason why we are creating this platform. Incentivized learning, right from your desk.

Consider me part of the team, if I may. You are synchonistically doing what I want to do since I joined Steemit. I post mostly about education and memory techniques. I also wrote you a mail a minute ago.

This is brilliant and will change the world!

Let's partner. We have a developers-only channel and a dev-request channel with some devs taking requests from steemians and devs also looking to learn steem js:

@steemgigs we will be in touch!

You are amazing! Thank you. I have many questions too, when we get to talk!

Great to hear and let me know if I may be of assistance as always.

@virtualgrowth thank you so much, we will be in contact with you via discord soon.

I think @patriot would be interested in this. He enjoys learning how to code.

Great initiative! We can work together..


leave-centralized-companies-behind-and-learn-blockchain leave-centralized-companies-behind-and-learn-blockchain

#blockchain #technology #education #programming

We ❤ steemit-logo-48px.png steem so We support it!

We are open to working with others!

Amazing logo!

Wow, great idea. What sort of time commitment is required? Would someone that works a FT job be able to keep up?

This is great and deserves a lot of praise.
I was thinking about something similar to this but on a different scale and not on Steemit.
The world is starting to change in many different ways.

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Thanks for this post... I'll be following @steemdevelopers for intro and info for development on / for steem.

I can only see benefits in a system like this on a platform like Steem. With a platform like Steem we can work on this and put it action.

Very much looking forward to seeing this deployed and in working action, and signing up for new interesting courses :)

Excellent initiative! Pretty excited to see this develop.

This is definitely something I'm interested in, being a student that is. I have wanted to learn to code for a while now. Any idea when you're hoping to launch the program?

We are glad to see you are interested in becoming a student. We are hoping to launch in the coming weeks, we will keep our blog updated frequently.

Nice, this is a great idea! Looking forward to this.

This idea has to be done. It's perfect.

Really interesting. Following you.

This sounds fantastic. I will sure be enrolling. Think of the possibilies and the bennifit of being able to do it all in your own available time.

Great news! keep up with the blog for our launch.

Ready to join as a student, whatever work and activity there must be a teacher

Hey amazing! I have a question and wonder if you can answer it, how can my post get the steem symbol when posted? I´ve seen it many times but not in every post, thanks!

Just by powering up 100 percent before you post

Great project! Fully upvoted and also send some botlove ;)

Upvoted. Good luck with your project.

good move, count me in. Resteemed!

Thank you for the support!

This sounds right up my street. I was already writing a series of full stack web development tutorials for future publication. I'll get sending an email right away...

I didn't know you were a full stack developer too... we have quite a lot in common apparently.

I didn't know you were either! Will you be at SteemFest?

I'm definitely planning on it. My passport got here last week and I'm planning on leaving for Europe early next month. Will be in Bulgaria for a while first but definitely plan on going to SteemFest then possibly a short trip to the Languedoc. That's the cool thing about being a developer-- you can work from anywhere so travel is no problem at all.

I'm intending on going also. We have plane and hostel booked. Just waiting for announcement about steemfest tickets.

Nice... I'll already be in Eastern Europe but haven't got my plane ticket from there or booked a room yet but defnitely going to do it.

Hopefully we'll have a moment to meet up. I've signed up for the hackathon, but so far information has been sparse...

Great news! We need more educators like yourself. Followed.

Is there a white paper, business plan, etc. to better understand the various models you plan to leverage? I'd be interested to learn more about how this is/isn't similar to existing alternative options.

There will be more detailed information about how our system model works. Thank you for your interest, be sure to keep up with the blog for updates :)

Awesome! Following and waiting for the lessons to kick off:) Also what are the fields of expertise that will be taught? Maybe I could bring something onto the table. Oh yes...Resteem well earned!

Hello, initially the focus of this project will be teaching Application Development, are you a programmer? If not its cool, you can become a student and learn to program then become a educator :). Thank you much for the support!

Oh yea I asked in a wrong way sorry for that. What I basically meant was "Do you plan to extend the fields you are going to focus on?":) I will definitely come and learn, while leaving the "educator’s place" for the more competent ones:)

@fingersik in the future the plan is to expand the course material, definitely :)

This post has received a 16.00 % upvote from @lovejuice thanks to: @alexvan. They have officially sprayed their dank amps all over your post rewards. GOOD TIMES! Vote for Aggroed!

Wow, very interested. Will follow and keep up to date with developments.

Thank you for your interest @gmuxx!

It's like you knew I have been waiting and wanting to learn to program. Excited to see this come to be!

Let's get our code on! hope to see you during class :D

This is great! Upvoted and resteemed! Fully support this project!

Thank you @robertdurst10, you are a developer? Maybe you might want to become an educator? :)

He is also with us on the steemgigs community. You can reach him on the discord

Love to chat. Can you message me on either the discord (robertdurst10) or


I'm looking forward to this. How do we get updates on the development? I'm interested.

@samstickkz follow our blog we will be updating it right here frequently with new information. And you can bookmark

This is an great idea, I would love to be involved in teaching on React front-end development. Looking forward to heading more details on this and also learning more about block chain development.


Hello, if you are interested in becoming an educator, please do give us an email [email protected]

Make sure to send an email to: [email protected]

that's awesome, i will definitely be a student if possible!

I got a bellyRub and this post has received a 2.90 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @alexvan.

Sounds interesting I would be interested in giving it a try once it’s out. It could do more for me then my 2 year accounting degree I earned back in 2013 ever did and that was nothing.

I will be contacting you. Already a Steemit educator, and a local influencer for Steemit through #promo-uk. Look forward to speaking with you all soon!

This sounds awesome! I would love to sign up an learn to code more and eventually work on developing my own steemit application.

Incredibly cool idea, good luck with your project 100% upvoted :)

This is a great project. Ill wait for this and i hope i can go back to school . :( i really want to

This is an excellent idea & if education was like this then everybody would want to get a skill set since I think earning money while learning is a great motivator.

Awesome, i was searching tools so i can develop an idea for the steemit community. I will be watching this

This is so so so so so freaking amazing and lit.I am gonna be one of the first students.This is so good an idea and concept like wow guys.AMAAZING...I can't hide my excitement lol tbh.Pinch me coz it's so good to be true haha. :)

:D Your excitement let us know our project will be a success!

Well do you even have a doubt about that.I helped with whatever lil sbd donation I can as minnow to get it racing as soon as possible.

There were never any doubts, but still seeing is believing! :)

This is so exciting! I want to learn with this program. Can't wait! Thank you @steemdevelopers, upvoted, resteemed and followed.

This looks great. Following you now.

One of the reasons I joined Steemit was to learn. My goal is to learn #javascript well. I've already made a lot of progress. Also, to learn Spanish (progress is slower with that goal, but I've followed a lot of Spanish speakers).

I look forward to connecting with what you are doing!

Wow good idea

Sounds like I'll be enrolling... But I wonder what it takes to be a teacher?

Upvote and resteem for great Idea. I am prospective student of this project :)

Woh! a give and take situation. I am willing to support your project maybe an educator or a student. I hope you offer a subject that teaches us about the calculator techniques of Fx-991ES PLUS. That's what I'm looking for. This post deserves an Upvote.

thats a great initiative, moreover it will enocourage more people to join steemit & also build for it.

Amazing Idea.....

It will be a win win situation for students. I want to join this platform both as a student and as a mentor.

Awesome idea; I'll be in-touch via email. Cheers!

as a web application host i am learning how i can incorporate steem. How do I join?

interesting. I followed steemdevelopers and its founders. Generally I would be interested to join as a math teacher and an IT-student.

La educación es la clave del desarrollo de una sociedad. Ahora se deben vencer los viejos paradigmas de la educación enciclopedista, donde se acula información, conceptos, fechas , datos muy poco prácticos del mundo real al cual nos tenemos que enfrentar, dia a dia.
La educación tiene que desarrollar el máximo potencial que cada uno tiene, no tiene que ser coercitiva, tiene que ser creativa, como un juego tipo Win-Win!!

Love this idea it is a great way to encourage learning

I Really appreciate the idea of your project! It is kind of motivation and encouragement specially for students! It focuses more on improving the value and the quality of education! By removing that financial burdens people will go to learn willingly! So Good Luck!

SO COOl steemit university! ow i just saw your rcent post and thi is INCREDIBLE an insopiration that anyone can start a steemit acount and start making hundreds per post if the idea is SOLID

Such an amazing initiative! upvoted and resteemed I'll be very glad if I can join in this movement!

Would you like to become an educator? if so, please let us know [email protected] with your skills! We'd love to have you onboard :D

wow! great that will be awesome! How are you planning to teach people? through any visual medium? I am really curious about this initative! 😊😊

@ishratamin, video tutorials (uploaded to steemit video service) , classroom interaction, projects, and exams. These are the general things that will make up an educators course material, and also how educators will grade their students :D. It's good to see so much excitement, and support!

Sounds Great! Really looking forward to it!! :)

@ishratamin if you are interested in becoming an educator please do email us [email protected] :) Thank you

A welcome idea and development. I look forward to invite some poor and disadvantaged individuals that I can share my network with. The thought of them getting educated and earning something tangible at the same time is awesome and also becoming creative at the same time.
I can't wait to start and to rebroadcast.
Thank you for giving the less privileged the opportunity to learn and earn.

Will this be part of the Whaleshares network, or a separate entity?

I'm following for updates :-)

As of right now it is a separate entity, but we love whaleshares :)

Sounds novel @steemdevelopers. I'm really intrigued by the idea. Upvoting and following. Thanks!

That seems like a great idea. Just out of curiosity will the platform be based on Steem platform? Do you have any criteria for somebody becoming a teacher or is it going to be like Udemy where anybody can become a teacher?

I want to be part of this school, and educator to the school once I learn from this school.
I know basic HTML, CSS and learning Javascript.

@whatamidoing made me aware of this project and I think it is simply fantastic. Best of luck getting it under way!

I will be keen to learn to be a developer. I have no idea on website designing and developing.

This is what I wanted with my young children, they should learn to develop something worth to share for the benefits of everyone.

This is amazing. I would love to be a part of this effort, on both sides.

GREAT POST !!! .. and a brilliant "USE CASE" !!! - )))

(( but i have NO .. reSTEEM button for your post ??? - ((
.. dang IT .. glitches in the matrix !! - ((
ON YOUR "blog" .. there are NO reSTEEM buttons either ?? - ((

LOVE this "INITIATIVE" .. "very" IN-SIGHT-FULL !! - ))

lovelovelove )))
greb'Z )

ps .. i will try to reSTEEM again .. later !!!

Yes, this is fantastic! I will mention this to my husband this is totally what he loves to do! RESTEEM and Followed.

Yes tell your husband and tell your techie friends! Thank you for the support :)

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