The First International Blockchain University in Hungary

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Amazing energies are present to create something great, i feel it and the universe proves.


Listening blockchain developers around me the topic of

"There is not enough coders."

"We need more people!"

"Where are the good programmers?"

… were coming up all the time. And even on every #blockchain technology related page there is a "Jobs", "We are hiring", "Career" menu with full of opportunities with very promising compensations and perks.

Past weeks

… i saw questions on forums and groups like

"Where can i learn about blockchain?"

"How can i participate in blockchain technologies?"

Last week

… asking the BIG question from blockchain-involved professionals: what they think can we create a "Blockchain University?"** they unanimously answered:

"Yes, and we love to participate in it."

We have a lot of resources, like wide relationship network of professionals, funds and facilities.

We are already running projects where we can hire good coders and other blockchain-related dedicated enthusiasts.

We really love to share our experiences for newcomers …

In that day i did some research and started to create a mindmap about the First International Blockchain University in Hungary and even have a name for it:

BlockHEADZ Blockchain University

Lot of people was asking about learning opportunities in blockchain related facebook groups, so i created a group for the BlockHEADZ - Blockchain University, added some people who can involve in it and it's growing.

Two days before

… a friend of mine was offering a debuting educational institution with all of the resources what we need, we have a research and development foundation for the legal form and an organizing team behind.

Summarizing all of these facts we have no other choice than to anounce>

BlockHEAZD Blockchin University is coming to Budapest in end of August 2017.

Jul 21 - Jul 27 ~ Strongest Jul 23
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