The grind is real...

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Just went through my feed today. Since i made a new account and was smart about following i dont have a bunch of spam in my feed. Super happy because of that.
Personal feeds are great, its us that waste its potential by following everyone with a fat wallet.

Bittrex went live with Steem withdrawals and deposits, Binance still keeping them locked. We shall see what happens now.

A selloff? Hope not. Steem trade volume is on life support.

HF20 didnt do much for us, at least not in relation to price rise. The user experince itself didnt change much meaning no new users. Though this might be attracting more devs in the future, i cant say.

Still the thing that scares me most is the lack of any marketing strategy coming from that we know of.
Many of you probably heard about the premine controversy that significantly hurt Steem in the beggining. Im of the opinion that even though Ned and Steemit inc have the right to do what they want with that premined steem (most of us did accept their actions by agreeing to be here and investing), the morally correct course of action would be

placing a significant amount of those funds behind a robust marketing strategy while utilizing the community to create positive word of mouth by sharing exactly where the funds will go.

For now its a grind. Pushing forward and getting yourself noticed.
Its easier said then done and for most of us, we will be the only ones reading the stuff we write.

But still... Our blog is our garden, tend to it, make it look good for yourself and maybe one day someone else will find it interesting as well.

Few words from me to you... Keep on Steeming.

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