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RE: New Twitter contributors - community poll launched today!

in #gridcoin2 years ago

Dear @vortac and @grider123,

Can you both post some example twits so that we can judge if you are up to the task? I am unable to infer this from the individual properties that you listed(having a website, being a member since 2015), and this is important for my vote.


That's a very good idea, thanks for suggesting it zamaza! I wanted to do it before (in the article itself) but didn't want to make it too long (and too braggy).

Anyway, here are the tweets I have put together for Gridcoin Twitter in the past:

Fast radio bursts:

World Community Grid and beacon4science:

Powerful stellar stream in our galactic neighborhood:

Smash Childhood Cancer project:

Is Oumuamua an Alien Light Sail?

As you can see, I especially like to tweet about interesting science projects currently associated with BOINC. If people start to crunch for those projects, they are only one step away from joining Gridcoin. More tweets can be found on my Twitter account:

This is a good idea. To be honest, I don't have a Twitter account at the moment and therefore no example tweets to show my skills...
However, I am (and will continue to) acquire specific social media marketing skills. If there are community members who know more about it and maybe even have professional experience, I am willing to give up my claims =)

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