Gridcoin is back on Google Ads!

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Well, it is my great pleasure to inform you that Gridcoin's New Marketing Initiative has received plenty of support and that it's officially going LIVE, as of today! It will take some time to ramp everything up and there's a lot of work ahead for sure, but if you go to Google now and search for BOINC (or something BOINC-related), you should get a nice ad like this, pointing to our website


Q & A

Q: How did you manage to get your ads on Google? I thought they banned all crypto-related advertising?

A: Well, I am not exactly sure either. But Google is a big, centralized company and such companies tend to have a lot of policies and I guess not all of them are enforced all the time. If you want, I can come up with three hypothetical scenarios here:

Enthusiastic: Google loves BOINC! And therefore, Gridcoin too. After all, anyone can see that banning a cryptocurrency which is actively helping humanitarian research across the world would be a very bad thing to do.

Realistic: Gridcoin is not a big crypto and our slogans are mostly about science, not about trading or profits. We are therefore far below Google's radar.

Pessimistic: It's just a temporary quirk. They hate all crypto and will ban our ads, sooner or later.

(NOTE: Even if this happens, we have a backup landing site at which is very light on crypto-content and therefore far more likely to avoid any restrictions on such stuff).

Q: I Googled BOINC just now, but got no ads?

A: Yes, the ads were deployed as of today. It will take a week or so until things get ramped up and our ad is displayed more often.

Q: What about other campaigns outlined in the "New Marketing Initiative"? BOINCstats, Netsoft, Coinmarketcap, etc?

A: They will follow soon and separate articles will be posted about them :)

Q: Will you add some sitelinks extensions? I think a link to Gridcoin site XYZ would look nice in our ad!

A: I am certainly considering it and I am open to all suggestions. We can put direct links in our ads, to a Gridcoin faucet, blockchain explorer, Github, our Nobel Prize citation... no, wait.. that's still in the works.

Q: I am a die-hard Gridcoin fan and would like to take a look at our Google ads and the whole advertising setup, before I buy more GRC.

A: Sure, read-only access can be granted to all community members. Send me a message on Discord or Slack and we'll arrange it ASAP.

Q: You again Vortac! Hoarding more cheap GRC, eh?

A: You bet. I plan to deploy some new BOINC machines too. Aiming for 1000 mag and 3000 watts of 'waste heat' this winter, enough to heat up the whole house. Follow me here on Steemit for timely updates!


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It would be nice to think Google secretly looked at Gridcoin and said, "let her through".

Hi friends, I have tried registering myself on Gridcoin, but it hasn't been successful, how do I register correctly?
thank you

Easiest way to do it is to join Gridcoin Pool.
Very instructive videos here:

Thank you very much, I'll try again, hopefully this time it works.

I am looking for you discord, I want to learn a lot from you, but I cannot meet your discord account, this is my discord name @sofianmbs#2098

Wish you best of luck for the success of the gridcoin!
The way you have explained all the hypothetical situations about google ad's possible view about gridcoin is quite good and I believe everybody who will read the post will understand easily.

stay happy and steem on!

with love!

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Good work and best news!

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Hope they came to a conclusion and chose the #1 reason why Gridcoin should be allowed. If not lets hope #2 will keep the ads a live for a very long time.

And the cost was? did we vote on this and get a yes with required vote participation?

Perhaps you missed the poll?

It ran for six weeks

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Well done @vortac!

Thank you, parejan. Have a larger than usual upvote on your comment in return :)

Thanks vortac, now lets get some more members with these ads! :)