Update on my BOINC "steem" engine, the rocket is decelerating

in gridcoin •  8 months ago

The following is a nice picture of the ATLAS V rocket take-off:

( source .)

It represents what I get after attaching to BOINC a Cloud Engine during the last 15 days.

The growing trend of the Mag and Rag charts have been growing more or less constantly till 2 days ago when I noticed a light trend inflection.

Oddly today, the Mag and Rag charts started to fall more evidently.

Thought it was the end of the available budget in the Google Instance but, surprisingly there are still money for at least one week more so, as I said seems to be an odd effect or, maybe something has changed in the Asteroids@Home project which I didn't notice... I have to investigate further...

So, this is the current schedule of my BOINC "steem" devices:

As you can see, the maximum Mag peak was reached yesterday touching a value of 10.8 , so the GC instance did a very good work for the science's sake .

Keep BOINCing!!!


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What is this?


BOINC is a software which you can install in your computer and donate some of your computer CPU and GPU power for helping the scientist community in research of complex studies that requires a lot of computational calculations. The way you are rewarded is by earning Gridcoin.
Check www.gridcoin.com for more and BOINC.
Thanks for your comment

What goes up, must come down... :)


Sure, I was just worried if the instance was working badly.
Thanks for the comment!

There is nothing odd with this curve as the BOINC RAC score is determined over the course of 14 days before it starts to decay. Your curve is evidence that this is the fact.


Understood, thanks for clarifying


The curve will level out as you have another week of power on your cloud service. It can flux a little up/down depending on work sizes and when it's reported back. But if there is no other processing power added it should stay fairly leveled.

As your computing power runs out the curve will decline over 14 days as it decays.

Good find on the picture, the resemblance is quite accurate :-)

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