I'm a new Gridcoiner: Still not earning a single GRC but excited!

in gridcoin •  9 months ago

I know, I know...it takes weeks to get the average magnitude. As said by @gregan in a comment of a previous post, "View it like a steam engine"

(Image from http://www.scienceclarified.com)

Unfortunately, my "steam engines" don't work permanently, only when I am using them and, for the time being they are more similar to this one:

(and from http://plattecountysteamandgasshow.com/)

Anyway, I'm enjoying and learning so much using BOINC, knowing that I am really something useful for the mankind with my stuff (Exaggerating again @toofasteddie ? LoL).

Now, I just want to report what's the situation right now with two computers I have working at BOINC since 7 days ago, as I said, not permanently working...

What happen here?

  • The first one is a more modern laptop, not outstanding but fair (Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5005U CPU @ 2.00GHz). It is the laptop of my 11 years old daughter which is using it every day for school tasks (between 1 or 2 hours a day I would say)
  • The second is an old one Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz which I use for basically web browsing. This computer does not work every day and for the last days it was switch off the whole day since I was off.

Despite that, I found the Lenovo Laptop much more efficient and does not look to suffer a lot with the BOINC projects so, I am pretty confident on it... the Mac and Rac values are increasing, let's say, with a regular positive trend so, will see what can be reached and it does not seem to impact on my daughter's school homework so I will keep BOINC installed there.

In principle , I don't want to use the computers permanently on purpose for the BOINC. I used to switch on the computers when I am at home.

My aspirations for the moment is just to test the BOINC platform, by helping with some CPU power to the scientists. I know that I am not going to earn so much GRIDCOINS this way but... I enjoy BOINCing!!


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Welcome @toofasteddie, remember that you are helping science and let the GRC fall into your wallet :)

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Haha thanks for the funny reference.

Just a quick question though, how many processors are running and how much cpu time are they set? Because i'm sure the magnitude can be far better.

For example my old i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz laptop is at 4.00 magnitude at 50% cpu time, no gpu used and is crunching a few weeks now 24/7 so yours surily have room for improvement :)

And is it set to always be active? Otherwise when your surfing on the laptop it pauses crunching. You can find all these options in the BOINC client.

Either way, any contribution, even the smallest, is a great deal when the cause is noble.

Keep on crunching!


On the laptop 4 cores, 70% of the CPU 100%time,
On the old one (dual core) 90% of the cpu 80%time, if I increase the time it fails... :-(
Both are always active..
As I said, Mag seems that depends on the time your computer is switch on, isn't it?
Thanks for your help!


Any time,

Why not 100% cpu and 50 or 75% of the cpu time? That means that for example if 75% of cpu time your cpu gets 1 second out of 4 the time to rest but has 4 tasks to work on (check thermal sensors which cpu time is best, you don't want to have a meltdown :) ). Also 90% on your dual core laptop means that there is only one cpu working, might as well set it to 50%. But that's up to you ofcourse.

Yeah it depends on how much time it is on, but do keep in mind that tasks have a deadline, if they finish and uploaded but are over the deadline you don't get credit for it.
Keep an eye out for that.



I am testing now.


When messing with CPU time and number of CPUs to use, remember that it is almost always better to leave the CPU time at 100% and decrease cores if necessary. BOINC runs already at the lowest priority, so it should not iterfere with your normal work (if there is enough RAM).
The CPU time allocation in BOINC is really inefficient, it works by repeatedly starting and stopping tasks, which is bad not only for performance (overhead, cache), but also for hardware lifespan (fluctuating temperature).
Also modern processors (post, like 2005) have thermal protection and will slow down if the temperature rises too high.

Carry on ! It does not have to be a lot of coins it is also the fun and the good feeling that matters. So keep crunching and help making the world a bit better !


That's the important point!

Hello and welcome to the gridcoin community! You started with the right spirit. Contributing to science comes first and the rest will follow as a joy. Keep on discovering!


Hi! Thanks for your kind words!
I saw good BOINC information in your Blog that I will use, following you!


Glad you found some good info. We have a very helpful community. Reach out for help when you need some. Thanks for the follow!