I'm a new Gridcoiner: starting GRC mining

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Frankly, I do not know exactly how it happened but yes, since a couple of days I have become a new Gridcoiner, so a Gridcoin Miner.
A few days ago I was "surfing" in the internet, searching comfortably ways to mine cryptos.
I found some articles speaking about how to mine using the small and super economical Raspberry Pi devices and it came to me one article that shown one of this devices mining coins using just a small solar cell as a source of power.
Something similar to this:

( Source )
So, instantaneously I get hooked and I searched more about using these devices.
I launched a question to one steemit colleague and runner ( @scalextrix ) regarding using BOINC in order to mine Gridcoin with a Raspberry. His answer opened my mind to start using BOINC platform in my computers.

But what is BOINC:

BOINC is an open-source volunteer computing grid which combines the processing power of all individual users for the purposes of scientific research. It's free, production ready and many projects already harness volunteered computing power to attempt to cure cancer/AIDS/Ebola/malaria, map the Milky Way galaxy, crack Enigma machine codes, etc.. (from http://www.gridcoin.us/)

Basically, if you install the BOINC software in your computer or android device, you can assign some of your CPU/Graphic Card power for running complex Science computational projects.

and What is GRIDCOIN:
Gridcoin is an open source cryptocurrency (Ticker: GRC) which securely rewards volunteer computing performed upon the BOINC platform in a decentralized manner on top of proof of stake. (from http://www.gridcoin.us/)

So, I follow the instructions explained at http://www.gridcoin.us/ ( a liitle bit complex at the beginning I would say) and then I started joining some science projects which could be used on my available devices (not all the projects can be run, it depends on your computer characteristics...)
So, for the time being I set up two computers:

  • an Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5005U CPU @ 2.00GHz
  • an old Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5200 @ 2.50GHz

Both running with UBUNTU and, they are working and earning GRIDCOINS. I have as well a couple of old android devices and, very surely, I will install BOINC on them as well (LoL).

This is today status:

I hope it will improve with the days. I will report on it on the coming weeks.
I appreciate comments and suggestions from everybody and specially from the GRIDCOIN wise people.

I do not know if I am going to earn so much but I am very excited with the idea that I am collaborating to help science researchers on getting results faster

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Welcome :D


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Welcome to the Gridcoin family!

I do not know if I am going to earn so much but I am very excited with the idea that I am collaborating to help science researchers on getting results

We may as well be realistic here. You will make significant contributions to science, even with that hardware. I see you are running LHC which, for those unaware, does part of the data analysis for the Large Hadron Collider under the Swiss Alps. This is the bleeding edge of particle research.

Unfortunately, right now you will not break even on your power consumption with that kind of hardware. When the price of GRC goes up, that will be a very different story. I am very confident of a price rise looking at the market cap of competitors, which have better marketing but inferior (or even non-existing) platforms.

Best 'mine' now while it is relatively easy! =)


Thanks for the comment.
I know about LHC project since I'm working for a similar technological project(ITER).
Do you mean competitors as Golem I guess.


Sure. Golem has a Beta app for CPU compute and nothing functional for GPU compute. There is also the SPARC token, which has very grand goals to distribute MATLAB, COMSOL and Blender work in some form of wrapper. I don't see that happening...

Welcome to Gridcoin!

Welcome fellow gridcoiner!

Are you spanish/latin-american by chance?

Just a tip, i wouldnt really use the pentium if the computer isnt used for anything else, since it is really powerhungry, and you could easily get more mag doing it with a phone for 1/100th of the power.

I advise to use Tn-grid for x86 cpus and skygrid for arm cpus. Also, use your integrated cpu in the lap, its like 20 times more efficient than the cpu, but remember to reserve at least a core for it.

One last thing, GRC now is not profitable with your hardware, and more than likely, with any hardware, unless you use a Xeon phi, which i believe would be . But you never know if in 10 years the value might have multiplied it by 100 . A man can dream.


Soy Español de Barcelona. Gracias por los consejos, los tendre en cuenta!


Donde dije Cpu integrada queria decir Gpu integrada.

Ten cuidado con el calor.

Welcome aboard, don't be underwhelmed by the results so far, it takes weeks to get to your average magnitude. View it like a steam engine ;)

Tips if you install boinc on your android phones:
-I see you are in the grcpool, so check the youtube video he made to install it, seems daunting in the beginning but it actually isn't that hard after all.
-Limit your battery temperature, lithium batteries don't like it hot. 40° celsius is in my opinion too high, try 32-30°.
-Don't use a fast charger, overcharging is bad. And can with heat be a factor in battery swelling and it cuts overall lifetime in general.


Thanks for the info! I've never tried installing it in a android device but I will do soon!

I'm also Gridcoin miner for about 1-2 weeks, already mined 25 GRC

Also page https://steemit.com/@scalestrix doesn't exist
May be you need to correct the link


Holy shit! you are fully right! corrected!
Thanks for your comment! Following you!


You are welcome.
And I meant I'm Gridcoin miner, not Bitcoin (corrected it from my comment)

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Hi and welcome to the gridcoin family, sorry for my late hello :) we have a lot of tutorials round here that help getting forward with data crunching and we have alot of communication platforms as well ! You name it we have it, IRC, Slack, Telegram, all there :) So a lot of ways to start communicate with the rest of the gridcoiners. See you there and have fun !


Thanks @jedigeiss I saw your experiments with android devices and I'm interested to do it as well. Following you.