Recording Gridcoin Community Hangout #042

in #gridcoin5 years ago (edited)

Hello. The last gridcoin hangout was not as successful. We had about 7 people connected.

You can now listen to the recording: in mp3 format. There was incident, where confidential information was said, so I had to censor it out. The start and end of the hangout was not clear, so I was not able to trim it properly. I was there, so I recorded, trimmed and upload the recording for you. Other recordings (currently last #033) can be reached via the original post.


If breaks are held every 45mins, the break shouldn't be recorded, an opportunity to speak off the record.

Valid point, @cm-steem. Can you suggest a solution to how breaks should be handled? It is annoying already to stitch all the audio files from mumble together. If I stop recording during a break, then I will have that much more files.

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