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RE: POLL: 'Should ODLK1 be Added to the Whitelist' Closing Soon!

in #gridcoin4 years ago

It is not reasonable to list both project servers, as that means that the project will receive 2 project shares of GRC from the daily research pool.

That is the main reason why I want weighted whitelist in DWP or otherwise.


I think that would be very cool. =)

What is DWP? But I would like to aggregate that I think, we should weight GRIDCOIN distribution to the whitelisted projects according to (active) participants of each project instead of evenly distribute GRIDCOINS over all projects.

That would just mean android avaliable projects would get very profitable for cpus and no one would participate in projects such as yafu or tngrid .

Would make a lot of sense to have 3 tiers of projects, though. 4x grc for the first (seti and WCG, probably) , normal for the 2 tier, and 3rd tier gets half the grc, to be used for projects that make redundant work.

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