POLL: 'Should ODLK1 be Added to the Whitelist' Closing Soon!

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A poll was conjured into existence by @peppernrino on December 20, asking if we should add the new ODLK1 page to the Gridcoin Whitelist. This came on the heels of a previous poll, which rejected the Russian version. There has been some confusion about what exactly the poll entails, so let's take the time to clarify and discuss what actions you should take.

The ODLK project attempts to discover a very specific subset of Latin Squares. Latin Squares are nxn tables filled with n different symbols in such a way that each symbol occurs once in each row and column. The ODLK project is looking specifically for diagonal Latin Squares of order 10 (10 rows x 10 columns) having orthogonal diagonal Latin squares (ODLS). These have a lot of interesting properties useful in the field of pure mathematics.

The current poll regards the whitelisting of the ODLK1 server as confirmed again here. This server is an English front for the ODLK project, but constitutes an entirely seperate BOINC project. In other words, while the ODLK (Russian) and ODLK1 (English) servers both work on the same mathematical problem, they have:

  • Independent data sets (both working on a subset of the overarching problem)
  • Independent statistics (credit earned on one server does not cross over to the next)
  • Independent websites

It is not reasonable to list both project servers, as that means that the project will receive 2 project shares of GRC from the daily research pool. This would encourage all projects to translate themselves into many languages for greater reward shares, and before long we will have polls voting in '[email protected] - Dutch Translation'. Alongside this, if Team Gridcoin brings its compute to bear on the English version there will be little incentive to continue running a Russian site. Based on current volunteer numbers, I expect our presence on ODLK1's server to be of roughly the same significance as we have at SRBase.

The poll will be closing today, and is currently standing as reported below by gridcoinstats.eu here:

To vote, fully unlock your wallet. This means that if you have it unlocked for staking, you need to lock your wallet again, and unlock with the 'unlock for staking only' checkbox unchecked. Once unlocked, navigate to your Debug Console and use one of the following commands:

Yes - Whitelist ODLK1
execute vote whitelist_poll:_odlk_round_#2 Yes

No - Do NOT Whitelist ODLK1
execute vote whitelist_poll:_odlk_round_#2 No

execute vote whitelist_poll:_odlk_round_#2 Abstain

Note that voting costs just under 0.0025 GRC per vote in network fees.

I run a Steem witness! Please vote for gridcoin.science!



It is not reasonable to list both project servers, as that means that the project will receive 2 project shares of GRC from the daily research pool.

That is the main reason why I want weighted whitelist in DWP or otherwise.

I think that would be very cool. =)

What is DWP? But I would like to aggregate that I think, we should weight GRIDCOIN distribution to the whitelisted projects according to (active) participants of each project instead of evenly distribute GRIDCOINS over all projects.

That would just mean android avaliable projects would get very profitable for cpus and no one would participate in projects such as yafu or tngrid .

Would make a lot of sense to have 3 tiers of projects, though. 4x grc for the first (seti and WCG, probably) , normal for the 2 tier, and 3rd tier gets half the grc, to be used for projects that make redundant work.

Why not reword your initial statement -

A poll was instigated by @peppernrino on December 20, asking if we should add the new ODLK1 page to the Gridcoin Whitelist.

To read:

A poll was created by @peppernrino on December 20, asking if we should add the new ODLK1 page to the Gridcoin Whitelist.

This would make it sound less derisive ..

"Pouring oil on troubled waters"


Courtesy of @joshoeah

Second language, but I got you covered. =)

lol. now it sounds even more like a witch hunt. "conjured". what medieval thesaurus are you consulting? ;)

jk... i think that was one of my suggestions in slack. lol

thank you. connotations are a motherfucker. :D

the people have spoken and you say that you are for the betterment of science and availability of what do you call it like this is Compaq support " Compute " and try and be your own fanboi club http://gridcoin.science and its the BS dictatorship and disinformation that hurts the growth of Boinc projects. Look if it doesn't interest you nor do you think its in the best interest for your compute resources than done compute it. The issue wasn't that it was in Russian either because its easy to translate LMGTFY and i will find you a plugin , even if you use w3m cli for a brower.
I think we need to vote to require all Boinc projects to be in Latin because English is not the language of the world. It is oddly and American English , and I live in Seattle Washington USA , is the 2nd language of the world typically. Now the reason the project didn't pass 1rst round was SSL and for some reason although the boinc dev's such as David Anderson have explained that a project having SSL open matters for the https website account login and not WU and client server side communication but for some reason people think due to CM's false propaganda that a project could have an .exe injected and .txt for something like a DDOS CNC network. This is pure BS but yet projects still for some reason only pass if they have SSL although we can think back just a few years to heart bleed and what other openSSL 0day? I think you are a true greyhat like myself and should just admit it to your BOTIS ( boy on the INTERNET syndrome ) fanboi club and 3.8jiggawatts dedicated to Boinc and Gridcoin consuming what would normally not be allocated to the Grid. You and I are more alike than I would like to admit but this is not the way to go about getting your own way. Yes blog about it , but you try and make it like your the offical gridcoin site and staff blah blah and then whine when the current system and specifications in place do not make you happy or are something you agree with. Look , it was not a foundation vote and only .2% of registered CPID's use social media or irc etc and either you nor I get heard. It just depends how much Customminer our fearless leader man's up and starts to show unbiased real readership and the Gridcoin community removes its current dictatorship system. You had your vote weight and are a vote whale and did not get your way. You have on other things that others could copy/paste the same argument. So sit down and shut up.

The results are reported via the scheduler URL if I interpret the code correctly. If this URL is HTTPS then encryption is used, see scheduler_op.cpp and its subsequent calls. It seems to be far too rare though:

$ grep scheduler_url /var/lib/boinc-client/client_state.xml 

So, the way I understand it is that the WU communication is encrypted if the scheduler server uses HTTPS.

It is not reasonable to list both project servers, as that means that the project will receive 2 project shares of GRC from the daily research pool.

It is obvious only one should be whitelisted, although two ODLKs caused some confusion and long discussion on slack. Thanks for pointing this out in the post.

It's positive this problem came up. There should be a clear procedure / requirements written for whitelisting process and updated when problem like above occurs.

i heard this wasn't true, as they handle different sets of workunits... and yeah, we're working on a set of whitelist criteria. the whitelist polls should almost be a courtesy, in my opinion. a given. the ODLK and ODLK1 polls got way too political, socially so, and i'm happy we are working towards a solution for the future. this project headhunting scenario has to stop.

help with whitelist criteria effort on github: https://github.com/gridcoin-community/Gridcoin-Tasks/issues/194

Note that the project does not currently have SSL, and I haven't heard back from the admin about whether or not it will be implemented.
EDIT: of course as soon as I wrote this, he got back to me. The project is now SSL.

haste makes waste... <3

@Dutch: I am confused! I interpreted your article as manifesto to vote with a “NO” as there is a confusion of ODLK and ODLK1 and no clear explanation from the project admins, why there is no other way than have two (02) different version/homepages of the same project. But your vote on https://gridcoinstats.eu/poll/whitelist_poll:odlk_round&num2 is still a “YES”! So are you in favor to whitelist ODLK or ODLK1 or what so ever or are you against?

@Dutch "It is not reasonable to list both project servers, as that means that the project will receive 2 project shares of GRC from the daily research pool."
I do have the exactly same opinion! And although I do not have the technical background that others might have, I feel that ODLK and ODLK1 project tries to game GRIDCOINS reward mechanism by setting up two projects for the same purpose and that all their “arguments” are flawed. I do not see why there cannot be a single project for the same research: climateprediction.net has several up-load servers in different continents, primegrid as well as world community grid have different projects/WUs under the same roof, so why should this not be possible for ODLK?

Personal reasons of the project administrators.

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