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RE: Gridcoin Web Wallet and Android App Alpha

in #gridcoin4 years ago

This is amazing and will be a great help gaining more public attention.
I'm curious about testing the app and would love to here about your progress in some more steemit posts


Thanks @theissen, I will take a short break from programming and monitor what's happen with web wallet on test net to identify problems and bugs, you can test web version and try to break it every way possible. My idea is to concentrate on clean GRC integrations for regular users, just as you said in order to get more publicity. Especially now when we can observe fall of BTC and stable price of GRC - which proves it was very devaluated, in my opinion due to lack of tools for "common Joe".

This is the most important thing for GRC IMO, as you say tools for the "common Joe".

Keep up the good work!

Well said ..

K.I.S.S. should be the mantra!!

Courtesy of @joshoeah

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