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RE: Gridcoin Joint Marketing Initiative 2018

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My personal favorite place to see our beloved #Gridcoin advertised is on

I ignored the ad for the first dozen or so times I saw it, but eventually after seeing that the ad had staying power, I relented and clicked. This was a few years ago.

Fast forward 2 years to Spring 2017 when I helped to organize some great folks (who did all the heavy lifting) at the Gridcoin Slack channel to work on a new brand image for Gridcoin. The outcome of the hard work of all the people was the purple logo used everywhere today. Dedicated users always benefit the community more than passive users, even if they're only active in spurts when they have time available.

My personal belief is that our best bet is targeting the existing BOINC community most of all, to bring over real, long term supporters who would be crunching for BOINC with or without the rewards. Once we reach a critical mass of these users, we won't have to advertise anywhere else.


Staying power, very well said! That's how long term marketing should work. Every single ad impression helps.

Absolutely they do! Even when there's not a click, there's often still a tiny spark of interest. Sooner or later repeat impressions will kindle that interest enough that someone clicks or Google's on their own.

Many thanks @vortac for everything you do for the community.

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