Gridcoin hits another new all time high of OVER 16 CENTS EACH! | Up over 17% today alone

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#Gridcoin is a coin to watch in 2018.

With a massive pre-existing user base on BOINC which has barely begun to be tapped, it seems likely #Gridcoin could go up 10x or more this year.

Gridcoin rewards users for doing scientific computations via BOINC. BOINC volunteers have been doing these computations for years even before Gridcoin and are just waiting to learn about Gridcoin.

Excellent GRC Go - Gridcoin Price Tracker - @nateonthenet

Gridcoin on CoinMarketCap

I'm 'crunching' for the science and benefit to humankind but it is nice to receive some Gridcoin cryptocurrency to help me defray my equipment and electricity expenses ..

The community is great too and it allows me to get to grips with the technicalities of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ..

It's a learning process, as this tech is still so new and changes are happening all the time ..


Courtesy of @joshoeah

Keep on it, and I think you will get beyond defraying :)

gridcoin is really good coin for invest.....✌✌

seems like this will end being a daily post haha.

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I have seen you on youtube, you are the reason I joined steemit :-)

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