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RE: HOLD Your GRC - the Research Coin! We have a Long Way to Go!

in #gridcoin5 years ago

Would be nice to see GRC get listing on a dex like bitshares.

This is what all devices should be doing like phones and desktops instead sitting idle or in a landfill


We are actually already on the Openledger (Bitshares) DEX! Unfortunately, adoption of the Openledger DEX is not high enough yet to provide good liquidity for GRC.

About the idle devices - 100%!

I must have missed it on bitshares... But you are right the liquidity is crap hope it picks up now with all the exchanges blocking new users

Can phones produce GRC? This is the first I'm hearing of it.

Yes you can download boinc on android and to set up as pool you can edit the apk to included

There is a guy on the development Slack currently getting a jailbroken Ipod mining GRC...

Anything can mine GRC. =)

Its closed right now. I hope its in preparation for the update. I was going to buy a few and dont want to get into another exchange atm.

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