I got Gridcoin and SolarCoin in a UK science magazine.

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I subscribe to a magazine in the UK called FOCUS, its targeted at the armchair scientist. Last month they ran an article on investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency that actually was quite good.


One point they missed was that you can do more than invest money in crypto, so I set forth to give them and their readership a little information about some of the more worthwhile cryptos available, and let readers know they can 'mine' them with minimal investment:


I dont know how many people I reached, but as it was LETTER OF THE MONTH, hopefully there were just a few.


Thats awesome! and its a very important message for the public, there are allot more ways to get involved in crypto, besides just buying bitcoin and hoping to be rich one day.

Indeed, lets keep people focussed on what crypto is really about, making fiat gains is a sidetrack.

Wow that is cool to be published in a magazine. I was wondering if their is anyway I could promote coins for good here in the US. Not a tech or science person but like to help. So any advice would be appreciated. FYI you probably converted a few in the magazine to help the cause.

If I see a time when there is reasonable context to talk about these things, I just tell people all about it. Every opportunity I get, I do it, no matter what medium it is; the only way things happen is by taking positive action.
Just be fair and dont try and shill people, if they get the message they get it, if they dont, move on.

You can use the Twitter #paywithcrypto and mention your favourite coins to retailers for example.

Thank you for the information !

This is cool.Keep it up

Thanks, I bore everyone I can with the subject ;)

very cool :)

And you got coverage for both, awesome.

Gridcoin + Solarcoin, the ultimate combo

I like to think so :)

awesome post, just like it.

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