Gridcoin Team - Latest look at the BOINC stats: RAC Increases by 45% in a few months

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Its been a while since I looked at the #Gridcoin team BOINC stats on, erm, (way to go with naming the site Willy!).

I just looked this morning and nearly choked on my Earl Grey, since a few months ago when team Gridcoin hit #1 on the BOINCstats non-asic chart the RAC of the team has significantly increased.

Where we were:


Where we are now:


In case thats not very clear, we went from around 560 million RAC to 812 million RAC =

45% increase!

You can see the accelleration in the credit per month chart:


Interestingly the number of active members hasnt increased massively, from around 2,900 to 3,100. Sneaking a look at the team joiners, we seem to have quite a few with big credit scores coming in. If Im correct about that its great news becasue it means the message is reaching long-time BOINCers.

So whats the reason for the huge RAC increase, whitelist changes or new crunchers?

Not sure yet, but I'll be watching... :)

Remember BOINCstats runs on donations, and accepts Gridcoin


Can you point me to a place to get started with gridcoin? I'm already supporting BOINC and have a computer with spare resources that are just looking for a place to get spent.



Cool, if you are already BOINCing then Gridcoin isnt too hard.

Go to and download the wallet, it needs to download the block-chain once its installed. Then figure out if you want to pool mine or solo mine; if you dont want the hassle of buying about 2000GRC then pool mine, if you are happy to buy-in then solo is better.

Depending on which way you go with that descision effects the rest of the setup process, but its all there on the main website.

The good news is Gridcoin uses only a tiny bit of the CPU and only on 1 computer, so 99% of your BOINCing remains on doing science.

Great thanks! Sounds like my project for over Christmas has been decided.


If you get stuck plenty of nice people on here, Reddit, IRC, Slack etc.

I would encourage you to try and buy a little GRC, because it gives you the experience you need if you ever wanted to sell some... finding an exchange etc.

active members
Apart of those ~ 3000 we have some specials members, like grcpool and pomegranate. We should at least count in grcpool members as they are aware or conscious (in contrast to zombies from pomegranate).

So whats the reason for the huge RAC increase, whitelist changes or new crunchers?

  • more active members (including growing populations in pools)
  • hardware upgrades

..... ah joking, main reason is growing charm of science :D

Of course, I always forget the pools... and science-charm :)

There's been a good spike of new members in the pool.

Thats looking like the reason then :)

Owch! Truth hurts!

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Wouldn't the pomegranate botnet account for a lot of this increase? Their first cpid advertised its beacon about 4 months ago.

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