Team Gridcoin is #1 on BOINCstats

in #gridcoin6 years ago (edited)

Time to start the party!


We made it to #1 spot, its been a long journey, but we are here



RAC is still increasing nicely too!


Team membership stats look broken, but here is the shot anyway


We need to pull together

Its wonderful that we all have variying opinions and people hold each other to account, but its great to stop sometimes and remember how small our differences really are. I have been with Gridcoin since the days Gridcoin Classic (that which came before Gridcoin-Research) and Im BOINCing for over a decade, I know how much time effort and dedication has come from so many people,


And to the rest of the community, you are great, its the first online community I ever wanted to be a part of, thanks for being cool :)


Today is a big day :) hopefully this huge achievement will not go unnoticed

We crossed 1000 points at Formula BOINC the other day. No team ever crossed 1000 pts at Formula BOINC, even in a full year.


Happy to have contributed to this and happy to be in a team with all of you guys!

Happy to be a part of it 😀

I think correct team membership stats you can find here: :)

Yeah Im not sure why its working on the ASIC chart, its usually fine on non-ASIC, but anyway, good find :)

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