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During the past weeks we have seen the Bitcoin market skyrocket. It's a good sign and great development for cryptocurrency. The smaller altcoins will always dip when assets are on the move and people are trying to turn some short sighted investments into profits.

Gridcoin is, in my eyes, one of the better coins on the market. It even surpasses Bitcoin now days. Let me explain what Gridcoin is and why I do think so.

Supported by real scientific work

It's backed by real work done on the BOINC platform. Since the coin is a PoS coin it needs some work made, and this is trough the open source scientific platform BOINC, that has been around for a long time. It's making real contribution to real life problems that we all face, and rewards accordingly. No silly mathematical problems that gives nothing back!

Gives an investor interest for holdings

It's a PoS coin with 1.5% yearly interest, paid out with every block you stake.

Low fees and quick transactions

The fees are low since its not a PoW coin. Lately the Bitcoin network has been crazy, taking almost 10% for my transactions since all the blocks are full. This is no problem for Gridcoin and with a block window of only 90 seconds you do nkt have to wait forever for your coins to be verified. Bitcoin has in best cases 30 minutes and up to 90 minutes for a transaction to be verified, while Gridcoin has 15 minutes!

Takes practically no energy resources

The coin itself takes virtually no energy resources to function. The BOINC platform does, but in turn it gives back real work. Bitcoin gives back, well, nothing.

Stable community with great ideas

The gridcoin community has great ideas, public hangouts and various places for communication. There are among other places a slack channel, twitter feeds, IRC channels and their own forum.
There has been great development and just recently a second public pool has started, GRCPool.

The coin may not be as spread out and adopted as Bitcoin, but it's expanding and it's a coin I believe will only get stronger by the day. If you are interested in the future of cryptocurrency, take a good look at Gridcoin.

It's featured on several exchanges, like C-Cex, and also available at CoinPayments for taking payments.

Join us at

Gridcoin Webpage

Gridcoin Forum

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Excellent post about Gridcoin. It's been already a full year and a few months since I started with Gridcoin. I've been contributing to several BOINC projects for a few years now and when I learned about Gridcoin I just tried it right away :D Resteemed this post.


Thank you!
Same here. Found it about 9 months ago now and saw real potential in it right away. I see a reason for it, not just as an asset or a means of transactions. A lot has happened in just the time I've been using it.


Exactly! This is one of the coins with the friendlies and active community, myself included, and that's something not found on other coins. This coin certainly has a very good future.

That's a great project for all those who want to contribute to science as they could :)

Very interesting project. I wonder what the main differences between Gridcoin and Curecoin are?


CureCoin rewards based on Folding@Home work. Gridcoin rewards based on different projects on the BOINC platform. Gridcoin currently has similar projects on the white list for rewards.

I'm sure there are other technical differences, but I'm not that well read up on CureCoin.


I see. Thanks for the clarification. Followed and resteemed. :-)

seems cool but... I dont see a Mac platform and also Im not a scientist just an investor and a freedom fighter, can I still use this coin? even thou bitcoin doesnt give back as you say, its still the strongest and only rising. I find all that these smaller coins dont seem to be gaining as much momentum other than I think Dash, Ethereum and maybe Monero? I could be wrong thou


I'm not a user of Mac and are quite unsure about this. There is a Wiki article on the subject
There are Binaries for windows and source code for compiling linux wallet. Maybe you can run the client in a virtual machine on mac?

To earn coins for scientific work you can just download thr BOINC client on any computer, or you just invest in the coin to earn interest. You still have to receive your coins somewhere tough.


In principle, source codes can always be compiled. It may be enough to install XCode on your system to have all the compilers available.


You don't need to be a scientist to use this coin. All you have to do is check which projects are currently approved by the community to earn Gridcoin reward and join to a project you'd like to contribute, be it in the medicine field (World Community Grid, GPUGrid, Rosetta@Home, etc) to Number Crunching (Collatz Conjecture, PrimeGrid, Amicable Numbers, etc) to Space and Extraterrestrial Exploration (SETI@Home, Milyway@Home, Universe@Home, etc). As you can see, there's a variety of projects you can contribute and earn Gridcoin reward, and don't forget those coins earned earns 1.5% interest.

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