Gridcoin Steem Basic Income(SBI) program #3

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This is the third post of the program. I would like start by saying that I wanted to start something where everyone will be able to enroll in the program eventually instead of a contest.

Last week's post [received a payout of 0.423 SBD and 1.104 SP] which was used to buy 2 shares of SBI on top of the 2 shares I provided myself. Starting from this post, I will guarantee 1 share a week out of my own pocket + whatever payout is perceived from these posts. I might gift more but that's not a given.

The people who received shares last week were @gridbox, @steemmillionaire, @Chucklehead and @thefuturenow. You can see the transactions in the spreadsheet.

Users who received a share last week can now enter again, No need for your GRC address, just make a comment. These users will be put at end of the list in order of comments like before.


What is @steembasicincome? FAQ


Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

How this is going to work

I'm going to run a list which is visible to anyone. You can reply in this thread with your GRC address(If you're new to this) which I will verify to be real. Once this is done, I will add you to the list in the order that comments were posted.

Please do not use an exchange address!

You cannot get another share until everyone in the previous round receives a share.
All revenue from this post will be used to buy SBI shares to people on the list.

In case you missed the list, here it is again.

I am also going to receive SBI shares from doing this because you get them when gifting them to other users.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thank you for your commitment to run this program. I'm definitely interested to participate again, and you have my full vote! Again, thank you!

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I'm in:)


You're #2 which means you will get your share at with the payout from this post.


Thanks again for involving me in the program, definitely interested in participating again once everyone else gets their shot!

It's great your endeavour is now in its 3rd round already :-)

great to see you run such program. I see from your account you are almost a minnow, only a few sp away. with these programs its hard to power up, I hope you can do it because we are on the road to


I'll be ok =), it's just a matter of time.


well we are running a program to pump people over the line and your account is one of the accounts I am vetting. Do you mind if I ask you some further questions?

you can read more about it here


You should focus on other users. I'm only 3 SPs away. I'll have it this week. Feel free to upvote the post so that more people can get SBI shares =)


you're still in the list at #6 :p

Here we go again! Thanks for setting this up!


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