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RE: HOLD Your GRC - the Research Coin! We have a Long Way to Go!

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Hello guys, I am new to Gridcoin(about a month), but I like it a lot. My magnitude is rising. Now making a profit of about 15$/month, but I recently added 2 new servers to my cluster so I have to wait for the magnitude to grow.


How is your cluster set up? Do you know what kind of scientific analysis your processing power is going toward?

Hello, my "cluster" is made up of 4 servers(one R610, 2 R710, and a R810) connected to a switch. I run a linux distro on them, no VM yet. I do not have the time to dedicate to setting things up.
I currently crunching for NFS project, doing integer factorization.

I would like to go for Seti or Einstein, but I do not have any GPU. Maybe in the future I will add some GPU to my cluster.

Thank you! I'd like to start mining my own GRC if it really does help advance science and technology. Can you tell me your experience with choosing what projects you'll be aiding? Were there options other than integer factorization?

Seti or Einstein

These are the two most popular projects by a mile, which also means the return on them is the lowest. Just a heads up. =)

They are, but I like the project itself. Anyway, at this time I do not have any GPU in my "cluster" so I will see when I get some.

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