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Excellent, if voting is fixed we need to look at the whitelist.

Don't forget to make sure your wallet is backed up.


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which project in particular are you worried about? or were you wanting to add something?


I would be looking at removing:
SZtaki - Work units are not fairly distributed
Leiden - Project starting to wind down, new signups were stopped and there seems to be problems with granted credit.

And Adding:
Sourcefinder - Lots more work coming, If Pogs is whitelisted so should Sourcefinder
Enigma - Poll was broken, needs to be re-run
Xansons - Has now released Source code, not https though.


awesome. :)
and agreed. except enigma... i have no idea what's going on with that. is it running again?

Excellent. Upgrading my client now!

Why do people think that Golom is better than Grid coin. I just want to know. If you look at the two coins, they are almost the same in ideology but I can say that gridcoin is already being used to do research but I cannot say same for Golom. What is your opinion?


i figure the more the merrier, as long as science prevails. but... from what i gather, golem is kind of like ethereum in that they don't really do anything... it's all just a really cool idea. and i'm on the fence about ICOs.

hermano usted comento un post mio sobre mineria e escuchado del gindcoin desde hace un par de años pero no e prestado interés..... que tal algo de información acerca del funcionamiento gracias


don't be shy . and vote up .

Thank you! Been advised this is pretty much the place to find everything I've lately been asking about!


cool! where did you hear about Gridcoin?

Nice, too late tonight, Ill be upgrading my nodes on the morrow

I've been running BOINC for weeks (after about 5 years abstinence, I finally have a rig that doesn't even BEGIN to choke running it nearly 24/7 background and still keeping very high productivity- at least when uninterrupted, which happens dozens of times every single day).