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In an ongoing effort to become Number 1 for all whitelisted Gridcoin projects, team Gridcoin has achieved this status for two more projects in the last two weeks:

[email protected] & [email protected]

A big thank you to everybody crunching these projects and enjoy the success!

Here are the BOINCStats snapshots for both projects:

Looking at all whitelisted projects, we only have three projects to go:

  • Primegrid (currently nr. 4) – based on the current output we will be number 1 in six months
  • [email protected] (currently nr. 7) – based on the current output we will be number 1 in six years
  • World Community Grid (currently nr. 16) – based on the current output we will only reach number 2 in 10 years because IBM is too strong to over-take at this stage.

So let’s continue to crunch these and other projects, to reach the number 1 position for all whitelisted projects.

Gridcoin is an open source cryptocurrency (Ticker: GRC) which securely rewards volunteer computing performed upon the BOINC platform in a decentralized manner on top of proof of stake.

BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) is a distributed Internet platform and was launched beginning of 2002 and it rewards participants with credits for performed work. BOINC is an application available for multiple Operating Systems and uses the unused CPU and GPU cycles on computers to perform scientific work.

Thanks for reading. Follow me for more BOINC & Gridcoin related articles.
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Have a nice day. :)

The only thing I don't like about Gridcoin is that it can be solo mined only under team Gridcoin.

I was member of Czech National Team for years and just recently joined team Gridcoin on World Community Grid.

You may be interested in my post about World Community Grid that I published today :)

Here is the link: https://steemit.com/boinc/@goatman/world-community-grid-participate-in-research-projects-boinc

It is great to see more and more people volunteering in distributed computing .


This is an issue which is raised more often and there are discussions to remove this limitation. For example here is a Steemit article where it is highlighted in the comments section.

I noticed you didn't use the #gridcoin tag in your article and I would suggest to include it to get more exposure. Besides, I have upvoted your article. :)


Thank you :)

I didn't know there were discussions about it. I'm running WCG exclusively atm because I don't want to leave Czech National Team on other projects.

It would be great if this limitation was removed.