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RE: Why I am Very Disappointed by the Upcoming V8 Removal of the Magnitude Component of the Gridcoin Staking Weight

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I can only agree ! And once in 6 months staking is nevertheless a too big timeframe for getting rewarded. We definitely should look for something that is working quicker than that. The pool topic should really be emphasized nevertheless grcpool is doing a great job it is currently a probable single point of failure and out of risk purposes this is a nightmare in itself. Please all an everyone who's got an idea to that come join the gridcoin slack channel and discuss with us. We already got some things sketched but like @dutch says there's nothing written in stone yet...
Thanks for the post !


The pool is open source, it's only a matter of time before many pools are available (especially when the marketcap increases).

The current solution to improving staking frequency is to acquire more GRC (they're still undervalued at the moment, imo).

While the pool is 'open source' it is VERY hard to get running and there is a lot of work left to do until someone can set it up without help from Bgb. Darthur went through the process and it took him days and a lot of Bgb's input, even though he has decades of experience under his belt with programming.

Projects usually last longer than a few days to reach a production state, especially experimental/beta software. As more people work on the pool, it'll get better & easier to run a new one.

Fair point, maybe expecting near plug-and-play functionality is too high a goal.

For the short term, yes it's too high a goal. Anyone interested in running a pool needs to get their hands dirty & not expect a production level pool kit.

I am sorry if this sounds....bad tempered, please don't take it that way. I stated in the forum that you should shut off crunching in the short term, mine something profitable, buy GRC to achieve a higher balance and then continue on. I was, debated on that statement. Now I see that statement is, effectively being repeated and this back and forth is making me nutso.

It is very easy to say to someone, to make more "money" you have to spend more "money", we've all heard that and some of us can not, will not, don't want to hear how easy it is to fix with money, the problem.

I don't see how your post relates to the programming/running of a gridcoin pool? Did you reply to the wrong comment?

cm-steem : The current solution to improving staking frequency is to acquire more GRC (they're still undervalued at the moment, imo).

Worded differently, that means, "They're cheap atm, buy now". That involves throwing money at the problem to fix the issue on an individual basis, not fixing the problem itself persay.

I think what we are seeing is the sometimes odd ordering of comments, they are in one place at posting, someone votes on it and it can be moved in position, sort of placing it out of a topically logical order.

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