GRC gridcoin And..... The Pentathlon stats are completed!

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First off I want to apologies to the Gridcoin community. Over the past months I have been quite busy with development and working to make the client better as well as more stable. Its been a long time in the running and even the superblock issues was a long effort. It took TG and I a long time to process these stats. Development issues affected this but most of all it is a very time consuming task to go through all the cpids in the stats files. Also I'm a single father of two kids under the age of 5 and that alone. We had run into issues that required more attention to detail as well as the fact the stats were recorded at poor time intervals as well. But never fear TG and I were not about to abandon the community pentathlon stats. We stuck through it while others backed out or abandoned them early on. Let it be know that this task took closer to 200 hours for myself alone to process and iterate through. There were Boinc stats issues as well that slowed us down while we solved the problems. Also sorry about the formatting XD.

The plan:

These stats will be available for 1 week before the payouts will begin. This will give users time to check there stats for this as well as bring up any questions or concerns. If you have any questions or concerns or rather inquires please don't hesitate to direct message me on slack or send an email to [email protected]

The pot:

The GRC pot for the pentathlon is to be divided by days of each project. Between the 5 projects that amounts to 34 days.

The pot is 15289.62615000 GRC

Cosmo (14 days)                 6295.72841464 GRC

LHC (7 days)                       3147.86420732 GRC

WCG (5 days)                      2248.47443380 GRC

Einstein (5 days)                 2248.47443380 GRC

Yoyo (3 days)                      1349.08466028 GRC

Top 10 for Cosmology:

#1 UofS-Computer-Science           27.858383905981225257%

#2 NeuralMiner                             20.802130385439259009%

#3                        10.573988358766267502%

#4 Gunde                                         5.755090471142916994%

#5 [Gridcoin]Excelsior                    3.556732597581031473%

#6                               2.655480568681110470%

#7 Douglas0                                    2.427930154148464990%

#8 Retnek                                        2.377547880859031802%

#9 bitters                                         1.441597355194463953%

#10 Xeiron                                       1.351573048094240801%

Top 10 for LHC:

#1   Gunde                                       18.501775215832326254%

#2                       12.015802492306160063%

#3   ummon17                                   6.929247559024495916%

#4   jaibenz                                        4.722633132476223473%

#5   Deltik                                          4.473527739973998809%

#6   [Gridcoin]Excelsior                    3.334717866786572962%

#7                               3.132624691462857324%

#8   PGLab                                        1.389739363166639928%

#9   3ullShark                                   1.323719538256230083%

#10 LennStar                                    1.315216663342710695%

Top 10 for Einstein:

#1   MLever                                     12.756080645193095053%

#2                         8.972885805912485352%

#3   Gunde                                         8.510932789553336388%

#4                               3.442066336717122971%

#5   solarnode                                   3.120975999272896829%

#6   Vortac                                         2.999692130387936447%

#7   MeGaBeSuNTa                           2.677853716512922175%

#8   Kashra                                        2.014192964834989283%

#9   rensoyka                                     1.955611348145431233%

#10 jjch                                              1.875706163103951723%

Top for WCG:

#1   UofS-Computer-Science           29.221066001319523789%

#2                                7.477036303304561912%

#3   jaibenz                                         3.312932245558972570%

#4   kernel_trick                                 3.135996081060208979%

#5   clonedagain                                 2.672896755414630479%

#6   [Gridcoin]Excelsior                     1.826511953738895196%

#7   jjch                                               1.681008295361490565%

#8   PGLab                                          1.591048008948458436%

#9   Gunde                                          1.496274531762541710%

#10 3ullShark                                     1.354934509692778833%

Top for Yoyo:

#1   NeuralMiner                              32.608290119693805135%

#2   Retnek                                        10.097990769440901997%

#3   Andy W                                         4.933420924065224143%

#4   [Gridcoin]Excelsior                      4.356216307933231956%

#5   Eric_ch                                         3.030546704011929962%

#6   m80adam                                     2.633540286856690576%

#7   Szaro                                            2.207309020846575662%

#8   Lars_Seidel                                  2.123580813799736291%

#9   NotRealName                              2.083768935535651917%

#10 Kaimane                                       2.077152465714935799%

Thank you all to those who were very patient regarding this matter. 


Next time such a event occurs it must be better done. First of all we should just rain equal across the project or if we do this again in this way the stats files must be recorded properly at proper times and consistency is key.


TG and I worked a lot on this and if you care to drop a donation to either of us to buy a coffee or a beer that would be awesome.

Our vanity addresses are:



Cheers around October 9th the rain will start to commence.

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Given the absurd amount of time you had to spend on this you absolutely should be reimbursed in some way.

the intent of the stats based on credit during pent was a good idea except there are a boat load of cpids in the stats files. so its attention to detail. last thing we want is someone left out or some error. thx for the vote of confidence and sorry the stats stole me for so long XD

I agree with you ravonn.

Time is money, but also time is something you never get back.

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Thank you @ifoggz and TG. Great work. I will send some beer GRC to both of you, but I also think yous should be rewarded for the hours from the foundation funds. It's a lot of effort and it was supposed to help with marketing.

Thank you for everything you do = )

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