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RE: BOINC project [email protected] and new article in "Journal of grid computing": Parallel tree search in volunteer computing: a case study

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Can you suggest s good replacement for TN Grid that seems to have stopped offering WU. I appreciate it depends on kit and number of others but I have t time to research in detail at present so any advice would be much appreciated.


Yes, Tn-Grid has currently some probs providing WUs :-( (see here)

As you said, it depends on a few things

  • best would be when you judge it from other people's data (e.g. have a look at gridcoinstats dot eu for people's magnitude and the BOINC projects they run for that)

I'm doing Citizen Science Grid for cpu wu's. It's an umbrella project with a varied repertoire just like World Community Grid.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll add it tonight and try and do a more detailed look over the next week or so.

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