BOINC project [email protected] and new article in "Journal of grid computing": Parallel tree search in volunteer computing: a case study

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"We also thank the volunteers in [email protected] that contributed to Harmonious Trees and Odd Weird Search."

"However, many efficient algorithms, including backtracking search, take the form of a tree search on an extremely uneven tree that cannot be easily parallelized efficiently in the volunteer computing paradigm. We explore in this article how to perform such searches efficiently on volunteer computing projects. We propose a parallel tree search scheme, and we describe two examples of its realworld implementation, Harmonious Tree and Odd Weird Search, both carried out at the volunteer computing project [email protected]."

The leading BOINC teams which do the work at [email protected] are:


[email protected] is 1 of the 25 BOINC projects where Gridcoin users can get rewards for

Erkan (find me on IRC and twitter)


Can you suggest s good replacement for TN Grid that seems to have stopped offering WU. I appreciate it depends on kit and number of others but I have t time to research in detail at present so any advice would be much appreciated.

Yes, Tn-Grid has currently some probs providing WUs :-( (see here)

As you said, it depends on a few things

  • best would be when you judge it from other people's data (e.g. have a look at gridcoinstats dot eu for people's magnitude and the BOINC projects they run for that)

I'm doing Citizen Science Grid for cpu wu's. It's an umbrella project with a varied repertoire just like World Community Grid.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll add it tonight and try and do a more detailed look over the next week or so.

very positive think

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