Windows users help to stake a superblock!

in gridcoin •  2 years ago


Lately the Gridcoin community experiences again a superblock issue. The last superblock is already 5 days old and no newer Block has been created.
But theres no need for panic!

The volunteer Gridcoin developers are hardworking to get out a new superblock and fix the issues.
20 Minutes ago they commited changes to the Github repo with the comment: Neural Network enhancement to help stake current superblock.
I think there will be soon a new mandatory Gridcoin Wallet with the version number :)
Find the Github repo here.

Thanks to all the hardworking devs!!

A few minutes ago @erkan wrote in his post that the version is available for download here.

Windows users please update and help to stake a superblock. But as always backup your wallet.dat before updating.

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Thanks for the update. Good to hear some news regarding the resolution of this issue!


Your welcome :)
I like to spread good news :)


you should also mention the:

  • "PRE-announcement: please wait with installing until this line you read disappears!"
  • it seems they still have different neural hashes

Ty for the correction!


now the signal was given: GO!

Updated for your pleasure

Used the tab "Upgrade QT Client" and it launched the updater. worked wonderfully. Now on thanks grider123


Your welcome. Thank you for upgrading so fast :)