new Gridcoin version: for WINDOWS users (not mandatory, but IMPORTANT)

in #gridcoin6 years ago (edited)

24h after there is now:

  • Gridcoin version ready! 
  • dev: "It looks like we may finally see some improvement with the current  superblock situation:  The popular hash of d996 is gaining popularity  quickly (execute neuralreport).  We will probably stake one within a few  hours.    All 24 projects are in d996, and the average magnitude is 44 (IE within  range) and has an average project RAC of about 125000, so I see no  reason for it to get rejected."

For Windows users specifically:              

  • the new Windows installer is soon downloadable from here,
  • or you can update from within your Windows client

All other users (Linux, Mac, ...):              

  • can treat this version as leisure for now. It is specifically for producing a superblock only!
  • can find the source code here OR: 
  • upgrade from their used location (e.g. package managers, once the responsible person for those package managers made the new version available)

Changes in this version are (more detailed here, changelog and commit 1, 2):

  • Neural Network enhancement to help stake current superblock: use UTC time instead of local time when determining file mirror filename suffix.

Keep in mind this is NOT a mandatory release:

  •     the last mandatory was: version (released on 2017 April 2)
  • BUT... if you're running WINDOWS, it would help us a lot when you install this new!

Please tell us when you experience problems!



Upgraded via menu. This version took longer than usual to restart, not sure if that's a good thing. It was particularly stuck for a while on "Loading Network Averages".

Updated and running: let's hope the best!

15h after release:

"...Its obviously not working. The reasons could include:

  • No supermajority on the latest version
  • Bad upcoming superblock due to proj avg being out of range, proj count divided by whitelist count, or avg Magnitude
  • Md5 hash differences in the source files over the nodes
  • Quorum Hash Algorithm region problems
  • etc

I realize this is painful and we (the devs) apologize for the pain. We will take this up again in the dev (slack) chatroom and see whats going on. I think we will need to actually mock up a fake superblock in testnet and try to force it in testnet with more logging, to see what is being rejected."

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