Faucet distributed already GRC worth about $70

in gridcoin •  9 months ago

Everything I earn with this post will be sent to the faucet address! Thanks for upvoting.

Two days ago I announced in my post that I opened a new faucet under www.gridcoin.ch.
In the meantime 815 claims have been made and 223.68 GRC have been distributed.
This Gridcoins are mostly paid by me. Some generous members of our community donated also! Thanks for that.

The captcha has been filled out 841 times and every time 1024 hashes are calculated. This makes 861'184 calculated hashes. 1 million hashes will be paid with 0.00005805 XMR. So this hashes are actually worth 0.00005 XMR. Honestly I think that this isn't really worth it and I will remove the captcha when I find the time.

But to keep the faucet filled and running with fresh coins I need the help of the community. For the start of the faucet I bought 600 GRC worth about $110. After that I can't really afford to buy new coins to give away every week. So I though I will continue my faucet donation series on steemit. I will post every week an article about how many GRCs were distributed and if the faucet is running well. Every money I will earn from this post will be converted to GRC and sent to the faucet address. I will document this process publicly so everyone can see that I'm not stealing the coins.
This is the first post of this series.

//Edit: I already removed the coinhive captcha. Hopefully everything works fine.

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Way to go @grider123

By the way, is there a faucet code somewhere, as I would like to implement facucet function on web wallet, so each new registrant get's some coins to start with.



It's actually not even worth to make the code opensource. I just validate the address and then use the wallet in the background to send the coins to this address. Just make an RPC call :)


hehe, i'm no different :) Applied the same approach, just with move between accounts :) I'll add your faucet in links section I am currently building. Great job.

100% upvote and resteem, well done.


Thanks :D

Just put some more coins in the faucet, any way to help new users is in my interests!


Wow thanks for the donation. Will fill the faucet up on my own this afternoon.

@grider123 Thank you for running this faucet, it's surprisingly fast


You're welcome. Hope the server will be strong enough if more visitors are comming^^