#2 Gridcoin.ch faucet donation post

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With my last post I collected a nice amount of SBD to refill the Faucet.
With this post, I will prove that I have triggered the payment to the Faucet and at the same time I will be collecting upvotes for the Faucet next week.
Of course, I also fill the Faucet with my own gridcoins. However, I can't afford to do that in the long run, which is why I'm going to do these weekly postings.

This is what I earned with my last post.

I transfered this and everything else that was in my steemit wallet to bittrex and sold it for BTC.

And I used this BTC to buy Gridcoins and send it to the faucet.

The 14.079 SBD converted to 0.00638854 BTC.
And those BTC converted to 509.80868400 GRC.

This should be enough to let the wallet open for a few days until I can send more Gridcoins :)

If you are new to Gridcoin, head over to gridcoin.ch/faucet.php to claim your free starter coins!


Absolutely admirable dude!
Well done!

Thanks man :)

Beautiful initiative! Having a second reliable faucet is wonderful for people starting with Gridcoin!

Thank you :)

Sent the faucet an extra 200 grc!

Very generous! Thanks.

Fantastic work grider123!

thank you but i guess faucet is empty :(
i created this page for more alt crypto faucets. https://steemit.com/bitcoin/@banditqueen/free-multi-crypto-currency

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