#12 Gridcoin.world donation post

in #gridcoin3 years ago

The Gridcoin community is working on a brand new website! The poll for it passed and now we're trying to raise funds to build it! If you have some spare GRC make sure to donate some to: bTNdoTqkFAmdSHz3MYEkqLgjCCmFFJUAmn

If you don't have any spare GRC make sure to upvote this post ;) I'll buy Gridcoins with the reward of it and send it to the donation address.

For more information about the new website checkout this post

Please note: The website has already been funded! Everything that will be donated to the address reduces the amount the foundation has to pay for the website!


I just sent the bought Gridcoin to the donation address (tx). It was only 78 GRC but this is due to the low steem prices...

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