Update 2: Now Accepting Donations!

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Update 1


Here's what has been happening with since the last update.

Donation Address Assigned!

Donation Address

Jim and ifoggz have done what was necessary to set up a unique address in the foundation wallet. This address will only be used for donations intended to fund the website. Thanks guys!

First, a quick reminder on how the donations will work:

Original Proposal

The proposal asks for 700,000 GRC total.

350,000 GRC will be raised by the community.

If 350,000 GRC is raised by the community
Then the foundation will fund match the second 350,000 GRC

If 350,000 GRC is not raised by the community within 40 days of this post
Then donations will be returned to the addresses that sent them
And development on the site will stop

Any donations beyond the 350,000 GRC sought will be used to reimburse the foundation for its fund-match.

Now, let's get the show on the road.

The Donation Address

REMINDER: All donations sent to the following address will be used to fund the website as detailed in the proposal found here

The following is an address held by the Gridcoin foundation wallet. Funds cannot be released from it without multiple signatures by key-holders.

Donation Address

We have until Sunday, October 20th to raise the 350,000 GRC to fund the site. Raising the funds before then will only inspire more production!

That's it for now.

See you next time!


I will be side staking to help fund the effort, cmon everyone this is what side stakes were made for!

we should update the post above to show how to sidestake, yes?

For those who need it, these are the lines to add to your gridcoinresearch.conf file:

Note that PERCENT is a whole number representing the value of the percentage. For instance if you wanted to side stake 25% you would enter "25" for PERCENT.

This is an incredibly important initiative. I have personally donated 30000 GRC. I would encourage people with the means to do so please help ensure the future of Gridcoin.

Now we have reached 154.000 GRC.

i propose we stick to the dot-decimal notation, we are scientific coin after all :D

Side staking enabled here as well. Also sent 1151.03812462 GRC.

Sidestaking is activated and the first 50.000 GRC are reached.

Just sent over my 1,000 contribution. Because, you know commas are the right way to designate thousands separators :-).

I will happily donate 20,000 GRC to The Cause. Thanks for the address.

The address doesn't show up on the blockchain explorer:

But it does seem to show up on

Who can we alert to this?

Try searching for it on the search page - it doesn't show up. Weird, eh?

Yeah it's weird

257,000 GRC are reached now.

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