From where I stand, yes, Moo! Wrapper yields zero usefulness as a research project.

Do you consider OGR-28 not useful either?

No - I would argue that has at least a possibility to be useful in future, much like looking for amicable numbers.

EDIT: OGR-28 is not part of Moo! Wrapper though.

You never know what discoveries doing seemingly useless things will bring. We need to have a conversation about whether we want only direct/clear product research.

While that is a valid argument for a project like Amicable Numbers (which are seemingly useless, but may have use later), I do not think it is valid for brute forcing a known encrypted message.

Kinda useless for Scientific Purposes. But for engeneering and security this will serve some purpose. Like real data on how long does it take to break a code.

I mean, we can already predict that before even beginning the effort. It is known how many keys need to be tried, and how fast given hardware could cycle through all of those. Therefore, we are left with a statistical chance to break the encryption in any given time X.

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